I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream! — Ruthie Grace
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I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!

I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!


It’s HOT. It takes just shy of 2 minutes before you’re dripping with sweat and all that time you just spent primping has promptly just gone down the drain, makeup melted, hair fuzzy enough to save for next winter’s coat (Christmas gift, anyone???). You double and triple up on deodorant ‘cause those layers of BO protection are gonna be gone is NO time. You drink ice water by the bucket full and try to keep your clothes from sticking. 


Y’all, summer is here and it’s hittin’ hard. And I’m confident it has no plans to leave any time soon, so instead of focusing on the negatives (which I’ve done for you), let’s consider pretty basically the BIGGEST positive of summer time- it’s a fantastic excuse to eat ICE CREAM. Um, hello. What better way to cool off??? And did you know that July is national ice cream month (#merica)?? Double the incentive.


Now, I know that the easy way to consume the delightfully rich and creamy frozen goodness is to grab a carton of blue bell (maybe a Texan thing?) at your nearest grocer, but c’mon… Lets make it a bit more fun, shall we?? I mean it is summer after all, isn’t it? 


Let’s MAKE our own. To give you a kickstart into some sweet ice cream making fun, I’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for making and enjoying the icy dream stuff. Check them out below, experiment with a few and let us know what you think! P.S. They make a perfect activity to do with your kids over the summer or for your next summer party!



  • Make your own from scratch (and I mean the real traditional ice cream-NO shortcuts!)- Check out David Lebovitz’s book, ‘The Perfect Scoop’ to learn the difference between Philadelphia style and French style ice cream as well as lots of delicious recipes!






  • No Churn Ice Cream (still homemade, but a little simplified)- For a creamy delicious homemade ice cream without all the hassle, check out this simple recipe with 6 different flavor variations (PLUS, you can make up your own!)



  • ‘Nice Cream’ (banana ice cream) or Sorbet- Ok, so maybe ice cream every day isn’t the wisest option to beat the heat. But how about something similar that is made of a fruit base? That solves all our problems, right (*collective emphatic head nod*). Of course it does. Try this Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet or this sweet & salty rendition of banana ice cream!





  • Ice cream sandwich it- Now we’re gettin’ to the ice cream eating modes…The options are endless, but I thought an Ice cream WAFFLE WICH was a genius idea. Feast your eyes and later your mouth on these beauties. 

  • Float it- Classic. When in doubt, make it a float. A little ice cream (or a lot) and a little soda (or a lot) and you’ve got a fizzy/creamy/marble-y concoction that is sure to please on a hot summer day (say it with me, ‘fizzzzz, sip, aaaahhhhh….). Check out this spin on the traditional float that uses champagne instead (the adult float ;). 




  • Popsicle it- Remember those sweltering summer days when mom would let you run through the sprinkler and play with the hose and then after hours in the sun, she’d bring out the box of Fla-Vor-Ice ice pops? You got to pick your flavor (and let’s just be honest, it was probably the blue one ‘cause that’s the most coveted and the one there’s only two of in the whole box) and then sit wrapped up in your beach towel as that tasty little popsicle cooled you from the inside out. Well, popsicles can have a way of making us feel like kids again and enjoy a carefree spirit for a moment. Not to mention, they sure are refreshing. Make your own popsicle memories by making your own watermelon popsicles (or any other flavor) with this recipe!



We can't wait to see your creations! Make sure and tag us if you give any of these a try! 
The RG Team!


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