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5 Pieces To Help You Find a Chic Look Without Losing Sleep

5 Pieces To Help You Find a Chic Look Without Losing Sleep

This is a guest post by our good friend and fellow mama Shirri Stringfellow of Stringfellow + Co.

All hail the mom style! Am I right?? When you think of mom style what comes to mind? Linen capris, collared pastel shirts, or loafers? Um, no! Gone are the days when mothers push aside their appearances and throw their hair back in a tangled pony tail. Now, more than ever, we see mothers of all ages taking their style to the max regardless of how late they were up the night before.

Celebrity moms like Mila Kunis, Kourtney Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigan are blazing the trail for the every day moms. 

So let’s raise a glass to the everyday mama. The one who wakes up after a long night and sprays that dry shampoo like there's no tomorrow, she washes yesterdays makeup off her face only to apply a new layer 5 minutes later and most importantly, she lives by the “look good feel good” motto.

Let’s get down to business shall we? In honor of the inspiration those mothers have given me, I'm going to share my 5 favorite pieces in my closet and show you how I style them effortlessly, all while pressing that snooze button a few times. Ready for that chic look? Read on.


The ‘I’m not trying to dress up but this shirt is seriously chic’ tee.


chic look plain tee

Clearly my all time favorite. I have so many plain shirts and I still always find new ways to wear them. Loose fitting tops are the most versatile thing you can have hanging in your closet and they're really popular right now. Throw it on with skinny jeans, or pair it with a a casual comfy skirt like the one above from Ruthie Grace Boutique, for more of a quick, laid back Saturday errand look.


The skinny jean.


chic look skinny jean

When I think of dressing in a rush the first thing that pops into my head is the skinny jean. It’s so insanely versatile that I try to get at least 1 new pair a month. Skinnies can be dressed up for a PTA meeting or dressed down for a play date with ease. In this look I paired them with my holy grail, the white sneakers; which brings me to my next staple.


The white sneaker.


chic look white sneaker

Regardless of what style you sport on a daily basis, the white sneaker will. go. with. everything. It’s simple enough to pair with a casual laid back look, as seen above, and also trendy enough to wear with a cute t-shirt dress from Ruthie Grace Boutique!


The ‘one and done’ t-shirt dress.


chic look t-shirt dress

One of my most recent faves pictured above. I’ve never been a dress person and as a mom I always thought dresses were a tad bit unrealistic. Listen to me my friends, the casual t-shirt dress is your missing link to effortless mom style. I can't tell you how many times I became fed up with picking and choosing outfits, being in a rush out the door, and the relief I got from snatching one item off a hanger, slipping it on, and strutting right out the door. Pair it with those white sneaks and you're good to go mama!


The cardigan that goes with everything.


chic look cardigan

I adore cardigans and I’d be lying if I said they don't take up an entire section of my closet.  As a mom I love being able to cover up that coveted casual tee if it gets breezy, pair them with a ‘too revealing’ tank for school functions or match them up with a dress for a simple boho look. The possibilities are seriously endless.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Now that you’re filled in on the easiest ways to look chic without losing sleep, download Ruthie Grace Boutique's style guide to see how to build it into a great capsule wardrobe!

About the author: My name is Shirri Stringfellow, or Sharaerae, or Rae. I am the mastermind behind Stringfellow + Co. I am real. I am honest. My life is nothing close to perfect but it’s perfect for me. I am a wife to a hard working man and I live for our two sons. I stay home with my sons full time and I serve my family every single day. S+C started in September of 2015 and since then it has grown into much more than just a personal blog. I believe we all have a story to share and I have no shame in my game admitting that MY story is one of them.

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The ULTIMATE Mom Wardrobe

The ULTIMATE Mom Wardrobe

How many of you agree that becoming a mom radically changes your life? Not just some of it, all of it. It’s like, this little human, the one who makes you laugh and cry, the one who you love with every fiber of your being, can change your life in an instant! You fully embrace motherhood with all that it brings, but the ONE part that you just can’t seem to get back? Your wardrobe! It’s like the instant you had a newborn you had to trade the pumps for tennis shoes and the pretty floral dresses for workout wear. You think to yourself, why do all these Instagram mommy bloggers make this “mommy style” look super easy and I’m over here just wishing I had chance to switch out my nursing bra for a regular one?


mom wardrobe capsule


Sister, let me tell you, I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I’m over here 2.5 years post-partum (haha! I mean, with a 2.5 year old! It just makes it sound like it wasn’t that long ago. ) and still trying to figure this style gig out. And the funny thing is, I own a clothing boutique! Bound and determined to make myself feel good and have outfits that were functional, I set out to develop a capsule wardrobe. This is a collection of timeless pieces that I put together that can be easily mixed and matched to make getting dress on a whim super easy.



ultimate mom wardrobe


Every piece is a proven winner and I promise you will find yourself reaching for them over and over again. These are items that allow you to look chic while embracing the comfort you need for the daily tasks of motherhood. What’s even better is these pieces can be interchanged with seasonal items giving you a trendy, laid-back style. I have a feeling once you get your capsule wardrobe complete, you’ll be secretly thanking me daily! This has been a game-changer for me because I’m not wasting time trying to find what outfit works for me. I already know my “most loved” pieces and I know exactly how to style them, even on those rare occasions I get to go out!


mom wardrobe flatlay


So here is my challenge for you! Download my style guide and get your capsule wardrobe together! From one momma looking to feel her best to another, trust me, you need this! It’s time you take back your style and feel good about it!


busy mom wardrobe


I can’t wait to see you on the other side pretty mama!


busy mom style guide

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The Season's Hottest Trend: Off The Shoulder!

The Season's Hottest Trend: Off The Shoulder!


Every year and every season brings with it a different set of trends, some worthy of adoption, others we wish would go back from whence they came. But we have to admit, we’ve hopped on the train for several of this Summer’s and Pre Fall's trends and the Off the Shoulder style is the one that has stolen our fashion lovin’ hearts. Often, pieces in this category don’t need much added to them, but it helps to see what others have paired them with and how they style their off the shoulder #1’s. From, necklaces to shoes to the bag you carry, there can be a variety of ways to accent an off the shoulder top, dress or romper without going overboard. 

 So this week, we want to show you how a few of our favorite blogger friends have rocked this summer’s biggest trend. We’re convinced you’ll want to jump on the wagon and show off those gorgeous shoulders once you reach the end of this. So read on girlfriend!

5 Tips for styling  Off-the-shoulder pieces


  1. With a simple solid colored off-shoulder style (like this cute little chambray number), a chunky statement necklace completes the outfit gracefully. 

    Do the same thing with this Jumpsuit (

  2.  As Kate Blue has demonstrated here, the perfect pair of shoes does the trick. She keeps it simple (and who doesn’t love a killer outfit that takes seconds to put together). She’s combined a classic black simply designed  off-shoulder top with lightly distressed jeans, a couple dainty bracelets and a rad pair of leopard pumps that add just the pop of sass that this ensemble needs.

  3. Pictured again below, Kate has taken a more decorated top that needs little added to it and paired it with neutral, but contrasting accessories- A nude handbag and a black stacked heel. Balance is created not only by the contrasting color palette, but also by combining the elegant lace detail on the top with the bold and striking character and color of the shoe.

    Check our Kate's blog here:

  4. For a little spunkier, brighter perspective, check out how Elly Brown has styled her off-shoulder top. By not wearing a necklace, the top stands out, but with the larger statement earrings she has styled with it the eyes are drawn up so that her beauty is still the star of the show. To make things fun, she’s added a bright coral handbag and sunny yellow pumps, creating the perfect outfit for lunch date with friends or a stylish trip to the market.

    Photo Credit (Elly Brown). Check out her blog here:

  5.  As I mentioned before, I mean there’s just something about off-shoulder styles, whether a top, romper, or dress that make a statement of there own, leaving little room for much else (and who can argue with that? I’m game for an adorable one piece outfit just about everyday of my life). Isn’t Alley of @lifeofalley just stunning in this fuchsia dress (from RG!)? And literally, all she added was a hat, just what she needed to top it off (cheesy pun of the day- you’re welcome.) 

Lots of lovely Off-Shoulder styles are donning the shop now and more are always finding there way to us, so check them out at and show us how you style your favorite off the shoulder pieces!!

We have an entire collection full of Off The Shoulder styles! Check it out here:

@ruthiegraceboutique #regularruthie

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I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!

I Scream, You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!


It’s HOT. It takes just shy of 2 minutes before you’re dripping with sweat and all that time you just spent primping has promptly just gone down the drain, makeup melted, hair fuzzy enough to save for next winter’s coat (Christmas gift, anyone???). You double and triple up on deodorant ‘cause those layers of BO protection are gonna be gone is NO time. You drink ice water by the bucket full and try to keep your clothes from sticking. 


Y’all, summer is here and it’s hittin’ hard. And I’m confident it has no plans to leave any time soon, so instead of focusing on the negatives (which I’ve done for you), let’s consider pretty basically the BIGGEST positive of summer time- it’s a fantastic excuse to eat ICE CREAM. Um, hello. What better way to cool off??? And did you know that July is national ice cream month (#merica)?? Double the incentive.


Now, I know that the easy way to consume the delightfully rich and creamy frozen goodness is to grab a carton of blue bell (maybe a Texan thing?) at your nearest grocer, but c’mon… Lets make it a bit more fun, shall we?? I mean it is summer after all, isn’t it? 


Let’s MAKE our own. To give you a kickstart into some sweet ice cream making fun, I’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for making and enjoying the icy dream stuff. Check them out below, experiment with a few and let us know what you think! P.S. They make a perfect activity to do with your kids over the summer or for your next summer party!



  • Make your own from scratch (and I mean the real traditional ice cream-NO shortcuts!)- Check out David Lebovitz’s book, ‘The Perfect Scoop’ to learn the difference between Philadelphia style and French style ice cream as well as lots of delicious recipes!




  • No Churn Ice Cream (still homemade, but a little simplified)- For a creamy delicious homemade ice cream without all the hassle, check out this simple recipe with 6 different flavor variations (PLUS, you can make up your own!)


  • ‘Nice Cream’ (banana ice cream) or Sorbet- Ok, so maybe ice cream every day isn’t the wisest option to beat the heat. But how about something similar that is made of a fruit base? That solves all our problems, right (*collective emphatic head nod*). Of course it does. Try this Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet or this sweet & salty rendition of banana ice cream!

  • Ice cream sandwich it- Now we’re gettin’ to the ice cream eating modes…The options are endless, but I thought an Ice cream WAFFLE WICH was a genius idea. Feast your eyes and later your mouth on these beauties. 

  • Float it- Classic. When in doubt, make it a float. A little ice cream (or a lot) and a little soda (or a lot) and you’ve got a fizzy/creamy/marble-y concoction that is sure to please on a hot summer day (say it with me, ‘fizzzzz, sip, aaaahhhhh….). Check out this spin on the traditional float that uses champagne instead (the adult float ;).

  • Popsicle it- Remember those sweltering summer days when mom would let you run through the sprinkler and play with the hose and then after hours in the sun, she’d bring out the box of Fla-Vor-Ice ice pops? You got to pick your flavor (and let’s just be honest, it was probably the blue one ‘cause that’s the most coveted and the one there’s only two of in the whole box) and then sit wrapped up in your beach towel as that tasty little popsicle cooled you from the inside out. Well, popsicles can have a way of making us feel like kids again and enjoy a carefree spirit for a moment. Not to mention, they sure are refreshing. Make your own popsicle memories by making your own watermelon popsicles (or any other flavor) with this recipe!

We can't wait to see your creations! Make sure and tag us if you give any of these a try! 
The RG Team!


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The Easiest Dinner You'll Ever Make

The Easiest Dinner You'll Ever Make

Let's be honest, it's summer time. It's hot. And we just don't feel like cooking much. I mean, there is nothing appealing to me about standing over a hot stove cooking in the dead heat of summer at 5 pm during the week. As much as I wish I could solve it by doing some summertime grilling, the hubby isn't always up for getting the charcoal ready. (yes, I've begged for a gas grill but he won't give in!) So, that's left me desperate for a recipe that is quick, easy, and healthy. 

I began my search and stumbled upon the ease of one pan dinner. These are dinners made solely using a 13x9 baking dish. After trying several different recipes from Pinterest, I finally made one up on my own. I tried it at the beginning of the week and it was a huge success. I have a very picky toddler at home and trying to find meals that we all can eat has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Both Jordan, the hubby, and Kruze, my son, devoured it! That's a big WIN in this mom's book! 

So with out further ado, here is my first ever blogged recipe! 


1 pkg Italian dressing mix

1 package of Turkey Sausage 

1 pkg of Red Potatoes (The kind you can use for crawfish)

1 small yellow onion

2 green bell pepppers

1 red bell pepper

Extra Virgin olive oil

Garlic powder




To Bake: 

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Line baking sheet with foil.

3. Cube half the bag of red potatoes. 

4. Place the cubed potatoes in a  gallon ziplock bag with the entire package of italian dressing mix, 1 tsp of salt and a couple of shakes of pepper. Coat the potatoes with olive oil, (about 1/4 cup). Seal the bag and shake to completely coat the potatoes.

5. Place the potatoes evenly across the lined dish and place in the oven. Roast potatoes for 20 mins. Turning halfway through.

6. While the potatoes are cooking, slice the remaining ingredients, sausage, bell peppers and onion. I only chopped up 1/2 of the onion but feel free to use as much as you feel your family will like. 

7. After 20 mins, pull out the cooked potatoes and push them all to one side of the dish. Add the sausage and the veggies to the other side. 

8.Slightly drizzle olive oil over the top and season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. 

9. Cook for an additional 15 mins. 

10. Take out, toss the veggies and sausage. Cook for an additional 5 mins.

11. Done and enjoy! 


So there you have! I hope you all give it a try. What's great about this recipe is you can sub several different ingredients in to accommodate what your family likes the most! If you try it, I'd love to know! 



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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide



Mothers deserve to be celebrated everyday, but having a day each year designated solely to her is extra special because it gives those whom she carried for 9 months, birthed, raised, taught, trained, loved, who tested her patience and received her grace, whom now owe who they are to her influence, the opportunity to express just how grateful they are for the impact she has had on them. If I had to guess, you may be wondering just how to do that this year or if you’re like many, you probably won’t think about it until the day before (guilty)… In either case, we’ve prepared the ultimate gift guide of items most of which we carry here at Ruthie Grace to save you the guesswork and help you show your mom just how much you love and value her investment in your life this Mother’s Day.

 1.Capri Blue Volcano diffuser- The exact scent as their famous volcano candle (tropical and sugary citrus), the diffuser uses bamboo reeds to infuse the air of any room with a crisp, clean citrusy freshness. 

 2.Herbivore spa basket- Create an collection of products such as the CALM bath salts and the Pink Clay mask and bar soap, add in a loofa and a personalized note and you’ve got the perfect gift that will provide the relaxation every mom needs.


3.Jax Kelly candles- Handmade with 100% soy wax and offered in eight different scents each including a genuine gemstone hidden inside, these candles are unique and keep your momma’s home smelling wonderful for 50hrs. (in store only)

 4.Mommy Necklace- A simplistic and sweet necklace that pairs well with any outfit, it is a sweet reminder of the title they own with pride.


5.‘Mom’ tee- Mommy-ing is not all roses and cupcakes, so help them make light of it with one of our ‘Mom’ tees, coming to the shop and online soon.


 6. S’well bottle- Keep your momma hydrated and her coffee nice and hot (Lord knows she needs it…). Not only do S’well bottles keep drinks cold for 12hrs and hot for 24hrs, they come in all kinds of colors and prints and have a sleek design, allowing her to make a fashion statement as well.

 7.Quay Sunglasses- The sun is bright. Summer’s near. Grab a pair of Quay sunglasses to help her protect her eyes and look great doing it. (In store only)

 8. Floppy Hat- The latest fashion craze for Spring and Summer, every mom can use a Floppy hat to provide shade while she reads (or chases kids) on the beach or just look cute pushing the stroller at the park.

 9.Scarlet & Gold Art Print- With encouraging scripture verses such as ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10) or a gold foil floral design, any art print from Scarlet and Gold will make a beautiful, yet classic addition to her home décor, but not without making her smile first. (In store only)

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Your Skin's New Best Friend..... Meet Herbivore!

Your Skin's New Best Friend..... Meet Herbivore!




Skincare. It can often be the last thing on our minds as there are many other things on our to-do lists that seem much more important than an extensive skincare regimen. After all, my skin isn’t affected that badly when I leave my makeup on because I’m too lazy to wash it off before bed. It’s not that dry in the Winter or after basking in the sun all day in the Summer. But, let’s think about it. Do we really realize the power of our skin and all that it does for us? As one article* mentioned (and I’m sure you’ve heard before), it is the largest organ in our bodies and is the only barrier between the inside of our bodies and the outside world. It is a fierce protector. The skin protects our bodies from physical/mechanical impact- if you fall or burn yourself, the skin is effected first, keeping what is beneath it from being harmed. It works to keep toxins out as well as controls the amount of fluid allowed out of the body and is waterproof, keeping fluid from entering the body through the skin. It guards everything inside our bodies from sun damage. I mean, the list goes on and on. It keeps toxins out, helps to control our body’s temperature, provides many of our senses (hot, cold, pressure, contact, pain)*, AND performs some of the endocrine functions of our bodies (ok skin, you have a pretty intense job-I don’t envy you!!).  Whew! Priiity crazy.


So, are we doing everything we can to support the health of our skin so that it can function optimally? If we are, are we considering what may be in the products we use and their effects on our health (A whole other discussion that we won’t go into here)? Now that we know how important the skin and its role is to our health and wellbeing, how can we begin to take care of it more intentionally? There are soooo many products and ideas out there to choose from and many of them are good and high quality (but others, not so much), but one company that has caught our attention here at Ruthie Grace is Herbivore Botanicals. 


They are a skincare company that prides themselves on creating products from only raw, natural ingredients sourced from the earth around us. Each product they offer is created from scratch using a specific formula with varying combinations including anything from French Pink Clay or Brazilian gemstones to vitamins, minerals and botanicals. They use only organic, high quality, food grade ingredients in every product to ‘restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.’ Per their website, they create all products without ‘synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum,’ all of which are found in most common skincare products on the market and all of which are harmful to the skin. I can tell you positive facts about Herbivore and their products all day long, but little good will it do you apart from some sort of proof that it works. So below, I’ve included some reviews from a few of us at RG of our herbivore faves. 








RG Herbivore Faves!


Tara- Fave product: Phoenix Facial oil

‘I LOVE it. It is an anti-aging oil that hydrates and adds a youthful healthy look to my skin that has people asking me often what I do for my skin.’


Tana- Fave product: Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask

‘Within two days of using, I began to notice my skin clearing up and color returning to my face after having been pale and dull looking.’


Makena- Fave Product: Blue Tansy AHA +BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask

‘I usually have redness and blemishes that show up around my nose and cheeks when I take my makeup off. When I started using this product regularly, the redness cleared up as well as any blemishes. My mom suffers from Rosacea and uses the Lapis Facial oil due to her Doctor’s recommendation and it has worked to clear up the redness resulting from the Rosacea.’


Samantha- ‘After testing the Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone mask for just a few days and having my mom do the same with the Blue Tansy AHA +BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask, we both noticed our skin feeling smoother and looking clearer/cleaner. I am certain after using it longer, we will notice an even greater difference.’



These products are sold in store and online! Testers available in store! Come Check them out for yourself!







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Sleep... What's that?

Sleep... What's that?

Sleep…What’s that?



I roll to one side, then to the other, hair matted like your grandma’s sheepskin rug, mascara wandering under my eyes as I rub my eyelids, pry them open and TRY, TRY with all my might to WAKE up all the while fighting the battle of, ‘Oh, just curl back up and catch a couple more Zzz’s, and, ‘Noooo, you need to get up, get ready, dress and feed Kruze, GET COFFEE, (do this, do that, and on and on-the list could go on for miles)…’ ALL because this roller coaster called life has me scrambling for sleep (and well pretty much everything else if I’m being real). I know I’m not the only one (let me hear ya, mommas!). It can often run us down before we know it, leaving us no chance to outrun it. 


Currently, my nights consist of intermittent sleep often broken by the sound of my 2-year old son either crying or talking in his sleep. Once I pry myself awake in the morning, my feet hit the floor, trying to catch up with my already scurrying brain. Then comes the whirlwind of getting myself ready for work (sweatshirt, bun and all-forget the makeup. Ain’t nobody got time for that!), Kruze ready for his day with the sitter and then off to the sitter and on to work it is. Once at work, it’s study this business practice, watch that webinar, pause- post an insta pic, make and/or monitor the budget, schedule and plan photoshoots, email that vendor and this blogger, pause- post an insta pic, go over tasks with employees, order this, process that… you get the point. Once my day at work ends, I’m off to pick up my baby while wondering what I’m going to cook for dinner (takeout, anyone?), pause- post an insta pic (eh, ok maybe the work continues) and at some point I finally make it home and eventually start all over again. 


I’m certain (because I’m not the only mom/wife/business woman/etc. out there) that your own roller coaster life is playing in your mind as the pace is much the same or worse, though the content may be different. It seems like it won’t end, that you may never regain the proper definition of sleep again, but take heart, girlfriend. This too shall pass. And if it doesn’t pass, it will get easier (I’m still waitin,’ but hopefully).


In the meantime, I’ll share a few methods I’ve used to help me keep up with life while also trying to enjoy the ride.


  • Sleep Cycle app- y’all there is app for this-and its fabulous. Download it!
  • Diffuse Lavender oil to help ALL of us to relax.
  • Read a book instead of scanning the TV or surfing the internet/ your phone
  • Meditate on one of my favorite verses- 

‘Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ Matthew 11:28 

  • Coffee, folks. But, that’s a no brainer. (Check out my fave coffee recipe below!!)



Butter Coffee (or ‘Bulletproof’ coffee)


8 oz. strongly brewed coffee (preferably pressed through a French press)

1 Tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 Tablespoon organic grass-fed butter

1 Tablespoon raw wild honey

Dash of vanilla

Sprinkle of salt (enhances and blends all the flavors just enough!)


Place all in a quart size jar and blend with immersion blender or pour all in blender and blend till foamy. Enjoy! You’ll need it.

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The pair of jeans you have always dreamed of


Everyone needs a perfect pair of blue jeans, the kind that never go out of style cause they fit your style.  That one pair that is your go-to – You can throw them on with your favorite tee to run your Saturday errands, or break out those leopard pumps you’ve been dying to wear for the past six months to pair with them for a hot ensemble. We get it. You get sick of those jeans that you have to yank to your navel every two minutes, the ones that love your hips but hate your waist or those that grow 3 sizes the longer you wear them.


Well, here at Ruthie Grace we take our jeans seriously because we want you to LOVE them- without any if, ands, buts, qualms or complaints. 

And we think we’ve found the jean that could claim your true, pure, whole affection. Your go-to to fulfill the missing link to your top/shoe combos.


ENTER, Jacob Davis.


To offer a bit of background (I mean a little history doesn’t hurt, right), Jacob Davis was a tailor in Reno, Nevada who discovered the method of using metal rivets fastened on the corners of pockets, the ‘stress points’ of every jean. He is credited along with Levi Strauss for introducing the original jean in 1873. 


The Jacob Davis collection jeans are named after this blue jean pioneer for good reason. Each pair is meant to last, made with quality denim that molds to your shape the more you wear them so that they will be the most comfortable jean you’ve ever worn. Styles vary from light to dark washes, some with that coveted worn-in, well loved look, others untouched, unfaded- just your classic clean jean. And you can get many of them right here at your favorite boutique!


Check out the styles/washes we have at RG right NOW!


UMA Ankle Skinny Seaside- Constructed using lightweight, medium wash denim, this jean is the perfect go-to for everyday wear. They feel like your favorite yoga pants, but will give every pair of jeans in your closet a run for their money. Their cropped length leaves no need to cuff. Just throw them on with your favorite graphic tee and converse or a blazer and your best pair of heels.



UMA Ankle Skinny Barcelona- Mostly cotton, with a little spandex, these jeans are a true denim with just the right amount of give to make them comfortable and allow them to adapt to your shape. The Barcelona wash is a middle ground shade that is just a bit darker than your typical medium wash. The minor distress points around pocket edges and whisker line fading in all the right places give these jeans character while still maintaining a clean look. 


UMA Skinny Charlotte- A classic dark wash skinny jean, this style is designed with a mid-rise waist and a 12-inch rise for a comfortable fit that keeps them from exposing your backside every time you bend over (yes, we’ve all been there!). The dark wash combined with the relaxed fit of through the hips and thighs make for a sleek look that will compliment your already beautiful figure. Opt for a lighter color palette for your top half to create a classic, balanced look.


Erin Skinny Balboa- A light wash relaxed skinny, the Erin jean is the perfect casual jean that can be paired with a baseball tee or your favorite plaid for an effortless look. The relaxed fit of these jeans is sure to have you wanting to wear them every chance you get. 


UMA Legging- An unfaded, unaltered denim blue, the Jacob Davis legging’s color is consistent throughout allowing them to fit in with your business casual attire or your glamorous date night ensemble. Their skinny fit and flexible fabric will hug your curves, while the dark wash will flatter your figure- the perfect balance.


Candace Slim Bootcut Jacksonville- Your classic boot cut jean in a light/medium wash with minimal distressing on pocket edges and leg hems, the Candace has that worn in look- the look of a jean that carries many memories with it. Wear with a simple neutral sweater and a long dainty necklace or a cool woven blouse and a pair of summer wedges. 

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