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National Oreo Day!

National Oreo Day!

National Oreo Day- How Do you Eat yours?!


‘I like to bite it in half, eat one half and then the other and then take a drink of milk…’


‘Twist it apart and eat just the middle while my husband eats the cookie part…’


‘I only like double stuff…’


‘Grab a cup of milk and a package of Oreos and sit down…(spoken with a wide grin)’


‘Stuff three Oreos in my mouth, eat them then take a drink of milk…’ 



Milk’s favorite cookie is not just a cookie-it is America’s cookie (and well, the world’s actually according’s 15 interesting facts about Oreo cookies) and apparently we love it so much that we’ve designated a day to celebrate it’s greatness- NATIONAL OREO DAY, aka today. 


Take just a few minutes of your time to ask the people around you how they like to eat their Oreos and you’re sure to get a variety of responses ranging all the way from, ‘Ummmm (looks at you peculiarly), I just eat it???’ to ‘Dip in a short glass of milk- just a bit taller than the cookie (because after all, lets face it- We don’t want to lose our beloved cookie in the deep ocean of milk only to find it disintegrated in a pile of depressing Oreo mush when we sip the last drop)- for approximately 41.5 seconds allowing it to soften until just before the falling apart. Eat that portion and then repeat the process until every crumb is scrupulously savored and delighted in.’ 

OK, I may have made the last one up, but you get the point. We all have our own way (special or not so special) of eating the OREO and albeit we protect those Oreo eating strategies tightly, the RG team thought we’d offer you a few more options to tempt you towards adventuring down other, possibly more interesting paths to eating an Oreo. So here we go….


5 (more/new/funner?) Ways to eat your next Oreo:


  • The Parent Trap- Spread a dollop of peanut butter atop the Oreo and enjoy in true parent trap fashion as you recite the quote from the movie:

‘At home I eat them with—I eat them with peanut butter.’

‘You do? That’s so weird. So do I!’

  • The S’mOreo- Roast a marshmallow to your liking and sandwich it between two Oreos (now, we’re talking Triple Double stuff!)
  • Crush them up and eat them like cereal in a bowl of milk (C’mon, you were bound to drown it in the milk anyway )
  • With your morning coffee (UM- who can deny coffee, chocolate, cookies and cream all in one mouthful??)
  • AND lastly, FRIED. No need for a recipe on this one, just visit the rodeo, loves. ;)



Let us know how your favorite way to eat (or devour) your Oreos (because, let’s be honest- if we have one, we’ll have more)!!


Happy Sunday!

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Hey Loves! Y'all all know that RG is proudly Aggie owned and operated...well...we've decided to team up with none other than an Aggie staple - Southern Jewlz Boutique! It's hard for me to control my excitement about this one ladies! I'm sure you've heard of Southern Jewlz, it's the pride and joy of our nearby neighbor - Aggieland!   Randa, Southern Jewlz Queen/Owner, has been a close friend for many years and an inspiration. Randa has so many accomplishments but one of the coolest is being one of the the top 100 fastest growing Aggie owned businesses! Also, guess what?? She was the youngest of the group and also one of just a few women. We both started doing what we love in small vintage houses with our own two hands! The hand written receipts may be gone, but the love we both have for our businesses is stronger than ever. Randa is a star. She inspires women through her clothes and also is a true supporter of other business owners. Not only is Randa a dictator of taste, she is absolutely beautiful and believes that fashion may fade but that style is eternal. I am very proud to call her a colleague, and even more proud to call her a friend. Southern Jewlz is a must see boutique in College Station and I encourage you to stop in, you won't leave without a handful of bags!  Our two Aggie Owned businesses have amazing style, fantastic customer service, and strong messages. 

Giving women a stronger voice has always been one of my main goals. I've always said with the right outfit you can rule the world. For me, seeing a customer try on something that they can feel beautiful in gives me joy and I have never lost that feeling through the years. 

Being a part of the Aggie Family is something that stays with you even after you leave Texas A&M. We support each other and treasure each other's competition. Southern Jewlz and Ruthie Grace are committed to two things - empowering women and very, very cute clothes.  

We have come up with a fabulous pin it to win it contest where one lucky winner will get 4 FREE Pocket Tees by Z Supply! (Color and sizes to be determined by the winner)  This is a $100+ value!

To enter, follow the steps below.

1. Create a Pinterest Board specifically for this contest.  Name the Board Southern Jewlz + Ruthie Grace.

2. Be sure to pin this picture directly below to the board you created and make the caption of this pin #RGSJgiveaway.

3. Pin multiple pictures from both the Southern Jewlz Website as well as the Ruthie Grace Website.  

4. Pin other fashion inspiration or quotes that mirror the values of the Southern Jewlz and Ruthie Grace brands.  We encourage you to pin your little heart out and make your board as spectacular as possible.

5. Be sure you're following @southernjewlzboutique, @southernjewlz and @ruthiegraceboutique on instagram.

6. Be sure you're entered and have your board all set by Monday March 7 at 6pm.  You may also email the link to your Pinterest board to to make sure we don't miss it. Winner will be announced Tuesday March 8 at 11am.

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How Vegas changed my mind!

It’s Friday night at 12:42 am. Okay, well actually it’s now Saturday but I’m wide awake in my living room typing this blog post because I can’t sleep. This actually happens to me more often that you would think. As tired as I am being a mom and an entrepreneur you would think I would just crash into bed at night. Nope, not the case. In fact, I find that most of my creative juices come to me late at night which is exactly what is happening right now. 


I got home yesterday from Las Vegas. I was there for four days on a market trip at the largest retail market in the country. “Magic” as it is known draws retailers and wholesalers alike from all over the world, over 100,000 of us to be exact. (Thanks to my cab driver for that tidbit of info!) It consists of two large convention centers and lots and lots and lots of clothes. Yes, it is every bit of fun and exhilarating as it sounds, however, its more overwhelming than anything. There is so much to buy but that also makes the choices harder. You have to go into it with an idea of what you are looking for or you will get sucked and buy everything you simply like. You have to go in with a plan, i.e. what styles, designs, prints, and patterns you are looking for. And you also have to go into it looking to be inspired, to create, and curate. (P.S. I apologize if I over use that word, curate. I just really like it! It makes me feel like I am ACTUALLY creating something! It makes me feel “artsy” when in fact, I don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body unless it involves clothing. ) Walking into market I had a plan. It was simple. You ready for it? Here it goes… Buy what you like! Well, duh! Right? Why wouldn’t I? I just knew if I had to sell it, I had to like it. It had to translate for me. It was easy or at least it seemed that way. 


Day 1 approached and my market partner, Jessie (she is amazing! Check here out here: ) and I loaded the shuttle to head over to the convention center. On the way, I was describing to her how the market worked, what she could do to help me make buying decisions and how I like to “shop” the market. We stepped off the bus and we were ready. Coffee in hand and cute outfits on, we walked straight in to the first booth on the right. It was Everly, one of my all time favorites. It was like walking into a clothing dream. The booth was beautiful, the displays were modeling the most gorgeous dresses with elaborate patterns and the buyers were packed in like sardines. As Jessie and I skimmed through the racks, we instantly fell in love with the entire collection. We loaded up our “must haves” on a rack in the center of the booth and went back through them to see what was a definite buy and what we could possibly pass up. And of course, across the way is Diana Harbour of Red Dress. If you don’t know her, she was on Shark Tank and got the bid from Mark Cuban. She is probably every boutique owner’s role model. I was totally “girl crushing” on her and possibly even drooling a bit. ( Real Talk, my dreams and goals for Ruthie Grace are to grow to that size. She did it and I believe I can too! Just need lots of prayers! ) We walked out of there with a hefty order and really excited! This was the first sign it was going to be a great market. 


As the day continued, we walked in and out of booths. We discovered some great new vendors with awesome pieces. I found that I wasn’t buying as much from others as I had at Everly. And the longer the day continued, the more I felt like I was seeing the same styles over and over again. It was my quest to find new styles and new lines to keep Ruthie Grace unique, hip, and just a half step ahead of the curve. I began to feel almost frustrated like I was searching for something I couldn’t find. I’m sure exhaustion had something to do with it and overwhelm but I just couldn’t shake it. Jessie and I stopped for a lunch break to discuss the day so far. I thought maybe hunger had something to do with it. With a hot sandwich and tomato soup in front of me,  I remember her asking me “well, what style are you looking for? What’s your target customer?” in hopes that this would help encourage me to keep pushing onward. And my answer was the same as it has always been. “Because I am located in an area where there are all ages and lifestyles, I dress girls who are 13 all the way up to women in their 60s. I help the high school girls buys dresses for mother/daughter teas and banquets. I help young professionals find great work attire. I help the stay at home mom find practical clothing for chasing kids and running errands. I dress the expecting mommy for her first baby shower. I help women find outfits for church. I help college girls find cute outfits for going out and dancing. I help women find something fun and flirty for their Caribbean vacation. I help women of all ages, of all styles, of all different backgrounds find what their daily lives need. I can’t confine myself to one look, one style, or one age group. As much as I would love to hone in on one group from a marketing stand point, I’m not going to. I am not going to leave anyone out.” That was that and we moved on but that conversation really resonated with me a lot throughout the rest of our trip. We ended of buying some phenomenal pieces. To say that I am excited about what’s coming is an UNDERSTATEMENT! 


So let’s fast forward to today, right now, and why I can’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about all of you over the last few days and how I can create ONE look that helps all of you find what you are looking for. Today, I have come to the realization that it’s not possible. While that may sound negative, it’s not because it led me to this thought. The girl who loves graphic tees and converse may not be the girl who likes maxi dresses, and you know what, THAT’S OKAY! So, in order to make shopping easier I have decided we are now going to have COLLECTIONS! Yes, collections… well what do you mean? I mean separating out the clothes into specifically curated (see, there’s that word again!;) ) collections according to different looks so you can find exactly what you are looking for. That way if one day you need a cute raglan, you know where to find it. And then, when you have an upcoming party, you know where to find it! In the past, our new arrivals would and could consist of any style. When looking through the selections, you may only find ONE thing you liked or that you could see yourself wearing. Moving forward, your style will be grouped together so that you can shop for YOU! Let me give you an example of some ideas of have in my mind: Denim Days. All of our denim and jeans in one place with full descriptions of measurements, how to wear them and what shape they look good on. A “Not So Basic” collection with all of our pocket tees and easy to wear tops for a casual everyday look. I want to infuse these collections with my styling expertise and hopefully this will help you find what you need. However, in order for me to create these collections for YOU, I have to get to know you better. I can post pictures on Instagram and watch how many likes/comments it gets to see if it’s something you would like but that’s not what I need here. What I need is to hear your heart on who you are, what you like to wear, and what is your biggest struggle when buying clothes. I need you to tell me what stores you love to shop at, what bloggers you look to for inspiration, and what your “daily outfit” looks like. I could put a contest out there for just participating but I’m not. I want you to comment telling me what you would like to see solely because you know that by commenting you know that your voice will be heard. I want to see what you have to say and to simply get to know you more. It’s important to me! This store is more than just clothes. It’s a community. It’s a group of women with all different stories to tell. I want to embrace our difference but thrive off our common ground. I want you to be apart of our ever-evolving girl gang, the #regularruthies . Let’s take this next step together and build something that is grounded in great style, great people, and great love! 


To give me feedback, please go to the blog post on our Instagram and Facebook page. On the picture, please list the following information


-favorite blogger or who you get style inspiration from

-favorite chain store you like to shop at

-what types of clothes you wear on a daily basis and WHY (i.e. mom, pregnant, working, or school)

-hardest obstacle when shopping for clothes 

-tag a friend and ask them to do the same (the more the better!) 


Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog post! Just knowing that you are on the other side of the screen reading my little story makes me smile. You are loved. Not only by me but by Him too! Don’t forget that! 





P.S. hopefully now that I have typed out this blog I can sleep! HOPEFULLY! 

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5 years down. 5 more to go!

5 years down. 5 more to go!

Celebrate 5 Years of Ruthie Grace!Hello there doll! I am so excited that you are here. To know that your beautiful face is on the other side of this social world reading this blog post, truly makes me smile! I am so glad you landed here and hope that you keep coming back to read more of our posts. I am going to work hard to make sure and maintain this baby. I want it to be a place of love, encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, and community. 


I find it fitting that my first post is a walk down memory lane. This week we will celebrate 5 wonderful years in business. 5 years! How did that even happen? How has that much time passed? It’s true what they say, “the days are long and the years are short!”. As this milestone approaches, I have been reflecting on what I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made, the joys, the let downs, the triumphs, and the risky steps. Even though my time as an entrepreneur is short in the grand scheme of things, I feel like I have learned so much, not only about business, but about myself. I have learned who I really am and why I believe the Lord called me to this job. 


For those of you who are new to our community (#regularruthie), let me introduce myself. I’m Tara. I am a believer, a wife to my hunky husband for 6 years, a momma to my sweet baby boy Kruze, and a business owner to the core. I work more hours than I should and I am constantly brain storming. Ruthie Grace is my first born. She is my heart and soul. She is my true love and my passion. 


I opened the doors to Ruthie Grace in February of 2011. I was just a baby at the age of 23 and newly married. I had no experience running a business and much less a business degree. ( Mine was animal science! whoop!) But there were two things I knew. Number one, I loved fashion. As a teenager, I had EVERY month’s Instyle magazine and was named “best dressed” for my graduating high school class. It was something that always came easy to me. And second, I knew I loved people. I love talking with them, sharing with them, and just knowing them. So with a makeshift business plan, a family that supported me, and a vision, Ruthie Grace came to life. I never envisioned that what started in a small 900 sq ft building would turn into 3400 sq ft store front with a back stock room and offices, a social store, and a website! I look back on those first few years and laugh. My innocence as a business owner is what I think made my business flourish. I had a heart and passion for success and entrepreneurship and pursued it without ceasing. When I look back and reflect on this career path, I only have one true thought, “though it may be tough, I would never change it”. So thank you for joining me on this journey! Thank you for buying the clothes I sell, for listening to me pour my heart out, and for sharing yourself with us! I can’t wait to see what we have ahead of us in the next 5 years!


Much love,


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