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About Us

About Ruthie Grace Boutique


Hey there beautiful! We are Ruthie Grace Boutique! Most days you can find us hustling around the store in yoga pants unpacking and merchandising beautiful clothes. We are known for our expertly styled clothing, top of the line customer service, and our uncanny ability to constantly misspell words. Women who shop with us like to refer to themselves as #regularruthies. It’s a pretty exclusive group of amazing women and we want you to join our club! We love providing you with clothes that build you up to the woman we know you are! We are deeply passionate about all of our customers and we can’t wait to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and one more thing! Ruthie Grace, ever wonder where the name came from? It is the combined middle names of Tara's (our owner) grandmother's middle names. Ruth and Grace are names in her family for many generations! 


Meet Our Team:

Tara Austin
Owner/CEO/Decision Maker/ Cheez It Eater

Tara is the heart behind Ruthie Grace. Her passion and inspiring ideas keep us all on our toes, amazed, and wishing there were more hours in the day. Her mind works in one way, overdrive. She makes wearing work out clothes look like they are made for the red carpet. She is our celebrity! As a kid with crazy curly locks, Tara could give Shirley Temple a run for her money! Matched beyond belief, she shows love for her family and her girl squad. Best of all Tara is a master at processes. She can hustle, wash, rinse, and repeat! 


Makena Walters
Manager/Online Guru/Fried Food Fanatic

Makena is the brain behind the operation of Ruthie Grace Boutique. She is a fierce multi-tasker, employee wrangler, and always on top of all things going on behind the scenes. She is constantly a sounding board for Tara and the voice of reason. There are so many layers to this Texas A&M graduate. She has a love for big trucks, vinyl records, and cooking unique-never heard of recipes. Makena is unlike most people in that she has traveled to every state in the country twice. Most days Makena wears plaids, old band shirts, and converse. She has a bubbly personality, a warm smile, and gives the best hugs. Ruthie Grace would not exist the way it does without her hard work ethic, motivation, and true love for this company!