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Your Skin's New Best Friend..... Meet Herbivore!

Your Skin's New Best Friend..... Meet Herbivore!




Skincare. It can often be the last thing on our minds as there are many other things on our to-do lists that seem much more important than an extensive skincare regimen. After all, my skin isn’t affected that badly when I leave my makeup on because I’m too lazy to wash it off before bed. It’s not that dry in the Winter or after basking in the sun all day in the Summer. But, let’s think about it. Do we really realize the power of our skin and all that it does for us? As one article* mentioned (and I’m sure you’ve heard before), it is the largest organ in our bodies and is the only barrier between the inside of our bodies and the outside world. It is a fierce protector. The skin protects our bodies from physical/mechanical impact- if you fall or burn yourself, the skin is effected first, keeping what is beneath it from being harmed. It works to keep toxins out as well as controls the amount of fluid allowed out of the body and is waterproof, keeping fluid from entering the body through the skin. It guards everything inside our bodies from sun damage. I mean, the list goes on and on. It keeps toxins out, helps to control our body’s temperature, provides many of our senses (hot, cold, pressure, contact, pain)*, AND performs some of the endocrine functions of our bodies (ok skin, you have a pretty intense job-I don’t envy you!!).  Whew! Priiity crazy.


So, are we doing everything we can to support the health of our skin so that it can function optimally? If we are, are we considering what may be in the products we use and their effects on our health (A whole other discussion that we won’t go into here)? Now that we know how important the skin and its role is to our health and wellbeing, how can we begin to take care of it more intentionally? There are soooo many products and ideas out there to choose from and many of them are good and high quality (but others, not so much), but one company that has caught our attention here at Ruthie Grace is Herbivore Botanicals. 


They are a skincare company that prides themselves on creating products from only raw, natural ingredients sourced from the earth around us. Each product they offer is created from scratch using a specific formula with varying combinations including anything from French Pink Clay or Brazilian gemstones to vitamins, minerals and botanicals. They use only organic, high quality, food grade ingredients in every product to ‘restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.’ Per their website, they create all products without ‘synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum,’ all of which are found in most common skincare products on the market and all of which are harmful to the skin. I can tell you positive facts about Herbivore and their products all day long, but little good will it do you apart from some sort of proof that it works. So below, I’ve included some reviews from a few of us at RG of our herbivore faves. 








RG Herbivore Faves!


Tara- Fave product: Phoenix Facial oil

‘I LOVE it. It is an anti-aging oil that hydrates and adds a youthful healthy look to my skin that has people asking me often what I do for my skin.’


Tana- Fave product: Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask

‘Within two days of using, I began to notice my skin clearing up and color returning to my face after having been pale and dull looking.’


Makena- Fave Product: Blue Tansy AHA +BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask

‘I usually have redness and blemishes that show up around my nose and cheeks when I take my makeup off. When I started using this product regularly, the redness cleared up as well as any blemishes. My mom suffers from Rosacea and uses the Lapis Facial oil due to her Doctor’s recommendation and it has worked to clear up the redness resulting from the Rosacea.’


Samantha- ‘After testing the Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone mask for just a few days and having my mom do the same with the Blue Tansy AHA +BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask, we both noticed our skin feeling smoother and looking clearer/cleaner. I am certain after using it longer, we will notice an even greater difference.’



These products are sold in store and online! Testers available in store! Come Check them out for yourself!







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