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Sleep... What's that?

Sleep... What's that?

Sleep…What’s that?



I roll to one side, then to the other, hair matted like your grandma’s sheepskin rug, mascara wandering under my eyes as I rub my eyelids, pry them open and TRY, TRY with all my might to WAKE up all the while fighting the battle of, ‘Oh, just curl back up and catch a couple more Zzz’s, and, ‘Noooo, you need to get up, get ready, dress and feed Kruze, GET COFFEE, (do this, do that, and on and on-the list could go on for miles)…’ ALL because this roller coaster called life has me scrambling for sleep (and well pretty much everything else if I’m being real). I know I’m not the only one (let me hear ya, mommas!). It can often run us down before we know it, leaving us no chance to outrun it. 


Currently, my nights consist of intermittent sleep often broken by the sound of my 2-year old son either crying or talking in his sleep. Once I pry myself awake in the morning, my feet hit the floor, trying to catch up with my already scurrying brain. Then comes the whirlwind of getting myself ready for work (sweatshirt, bun and all-forget the makeup. Ain’t nobody got time for that!), Kruze ready for his day with the sitter and then off to the sitter and on to work it is. Once at work, it’s study this business practice, watch that webinar, pause- post an insta pic, make and/or monitor the budget, schedule and plan photoshoots, email that vendor and this blogger, pause- post an insta pic, go over tasks with employees, order this, process that… you get the point. Once my day at work ends, I’m off to pick up my baby while wondering what I’m going to cook for dinner (takeout, anyone?), pause- post an insta pic (eh, ok maybe the work continues) and at some point I finally make it home and eventually start all over again. 


I’m certain (because I’m not the only mom/wife/business woman/etc. out there) that your own roller coaster life is playing in your mind as the pace is much the same or worse, though the content may be different. It seems like it won’t end, that you may never regain the proper definition of sleep again, but take heart, girlfriend. This too shall pass. And if it doesn’t pass, it will get easier (I’m still waitin,’ but hopefully).


In the meantime, I’ll share a few methods I’ve used to help me keep up with life while also trying to enjoy the ride.


  • Sleep Cycle app- y’all there is app for this-and its fabulous. Download it!
  • Diffuse Lavender oil to help ALL of us to relax.
  • Read a book instead of scanning the TV or surfing the internet/ your phone
  • Meditate on one of my favorite verses- 

‘Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ Matthew 11:28 

  • Coffee, folks. But, that’s a no brainer. (Check out my fave coffee recipe below!!)



Butter Coffee (or ‘Bulletproof’ coffee)


8 oz. strongly brewed coffee (preferably pressed through a French press)

1 Tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 Tablespoon organic grass-fed butter

1 Tablespoon raw wild honey

Dash of vanilla

Sprinkle of salt (enhances and blends all the flavors just enough!)


Place all in a quart size jar and blend with immersion blender or pour all in blender and blend till foamy. Enjoy! You’ll need it.

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