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5 Ways to Simplify your Wardrobe

5 Ways to Simplify your Wardrobe

This is a guest post by our good friend Alessandra Leto from Life of Alley.

As a busy mom of 3 and business owner I don't have a ton of time to invest in daily outfit selections. My work load is pretty heavy and I am always running around doing things for my family or work.

For the last few years I really have been focusing on giving back to myself to help me be a better woman and mom. I started making time for exercise, relaxation and also taking the time to have fun with my wardrobe.

Clothes do not define you but I do feel more feminine and pretty when I am put together. I implemented 5 easy steps that allow me to have fun with my wardrobe yet keeping it pretty simple at the same time.

Here are my 5 ways you can simplify your wardrobe:


    simplify your wardrobe by cleaning out your closet

    I do this two times a year. I go through everything in my closet and my drawers. Anything that I haven't used I donate.
    I purchase higher end pieces for classic pieces that are timeless. Watch, earrings, purses, jackets and cashmere pieces. Basically anything that can be used in your 20's but can also be used in your 60's is what I would considered a classic piece.

    wardrobe tip - keep it simple

    As I get older I really don't have much time to consider all the hot trends but I do like to incorporate them in my style. For example off the shoulder is really big right now and I absolutely LOVE that trend. I throw on a pair of jeans, heels and off the shoulder shirt and instantly feel trendy ;)
    Being a mom of 3 I need clothing that is versatile. I have to be able to wear it to the grocery store, PTA meeting and also meeting with my clients. My clothing needs to be comfortable, easy to wear, and with minor adjustments ( adding a heel, jewelry,etc.) can turn into business casual wear.

    a simple but versatile wardrobe

    The trendy pieces I add to my wardrobe need to be affordable. Since trends are always changing I like to add new pieces often but I also don't want it to break the bank.

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Allesandra Leto blogs at Life of Alley. She's originally from Connecticut and currently lives in Houston, TX . She has relocated several times and have had the opportunity to live in some fun cities. Orlando, Los Angeles, Memphis and Nashville. On her blog she shares glimpses of her life as a business owner, woman, mom and friend.

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