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National Oreo Day!

National Oreo Day!

National Oreo Day- How Do you Eat yours?!


‘I like to bite it in half, eat one half and then the other and then take a drink of milk…’


‘Twist it apart and eat just the middle while my husband eats the cookie part…’


‘I only like double stuff…’


‘Grab a cup of milk and a package of Oreos and sit down…(spoken with a wide grin)’


‘Stuff three Oreos in my mouth, eat them then take a drink of milk…’ 



Milk’s favorite cookie is not just a cookie-it is America’s cookie (and well, the world’s actually according’s 15 interesting facts about Oreo cookies) and apparently we love it so much that we’ve designated a day to celebrate it’s greatness- NATIONAL OREO DAY, aka today. 


Take just a few minutes of your time to ask the people around you how they like to eat their Oreos and you’re sure to get a variety of responses ranging all the way from, ‘Ummmm (looks at you peculiarly), I just eat it???’ to ‘Dip in a short glass of milk- just a bit taller than the cookie (because after all, lets face it- We don’t want to lose our beloved cookie in the deep ocean of milk only to find it disintegrated in a pile of depressing Oreo mush when we sip the last drop)- for approximately 41.5 seconds allowing it to soften until just before the falling apart. Eat that portion and then repeat the process until every crumb is scrupulously savored and delighted in.’ 

OK, I may have made the last one up, but you get the point. We all have our own way (special or not so special) of eating the OREO and albeit we protect those Oreo eating strategies tightly, the RG team thought we’d offer you a few more options to tempt you towards adventuring down other, possibly more interesting paths to eating an Oreo. So here we go….


5 (more/new/funner?) Ways to eat your next Oreo:


  • The Parent Trap- Spread a dollop of peanut butter atop the Oreo and enjoy in true parent trap fashion as you recite the quote from the movie:

‘At home I eat them with—I eat them with peanut butter.’

‘You do? That’s so weird. So do I!’

  • The S’mOreo- Roast a marshmallow to your liking and sandwich it between two Oreos (now, we’re talking Triple Double stuff!)
  • Crush them up and eat them like cereal in a bowl of milk (C’mon, you were bound to drown it in the milk anyway )
  • With your morning coffee (UM- who can deny coffee, chocolate, cookies and cream all in one mouthful??)
  • AND lastly, FRIED. No need for a recipe on this one, just visit the rodeo, loves. ;)



Let us know how your favorite way to eat (or devour) your Oreos (because, let’s be honest- if we have one, we’ll have more)!!


Happy Sunday!

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