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The Future of Ruthie Grace

The Future of Ruthie Grace

Have you ever looked at your life and thought that the reality you're in doesn’t match what you think or feel? That’s me right now when I look at Ruthie Grace as a business and realize we have been business for 6.5 years! 6.5 years y’all! Can you believe it? When I look at where we started (in a 900 sq. ft building with hand written receipts) to where we are now (shipping thousands of packages a month) it’s all so surreal! 


Since Ruthie Grace opened in February 2011 we have moved from a small building to a bigger building. And guess what?!? We are MOVING again! Say whaaaaat? Yep, moving! I’ve decided to give you a little animated quick story about why the move. 


The Story of Ruthie Grace


February 2011- Ruthie Grace opens. One man show with help from some friends. Hand written receipts and tags. I was 23 and wore feathered headband and was ready to hustle! (Thank goodness my style has changed! ha!) 


I laugh at how amateur our photos were. I hope you giggle a little over it too!


Pretty Bad huh? 

2012- Ruthie Grace grows. Hire employees. And really start to sell on social media. Our pictures start to improve! Thank goodness, right?

Then, we get smart and started model the clothes. But for some reason, we never had faces in our photos... haha!




2013- Ruthie Grace brings on a manager and starts to sell on RunShip! (social media selling) // Tara finds out she is preggo!

photo credit: Beth Horn Photography

And yes, our pictures got better! (The year of the printed leggings... anyone else remember???)



 2014- Kruze’s is born in March! We have a new manager and 5 employees! We finally upgrade to a point of sale system, start naming products, and moving inventory really fast! I’m telling you, we thought we were BIG TIME! 


 2015- Ruthie Grace takes the BIG plunge and moves from a 900 sq. ft. building to a 3200 sq. ft. building! We did it in 10 days! You can just call us “champion retail store movers”.  

2016- We launch our ONLINE store in January. Let’s just say selling online is a whole new ball game. Boy, we were in foreign territory but we figured out our jam. #teamwork. And guess what? Our photos got a lot better! Late 2016, Tara finds out that she is expecting again! 


2017— Now this brings us to the current year. The building we are in has been SOLD! So guess what, RG is moving again! 



April- We made a decision on where to move Ruthie Grace and we are so excited!! 


We are moving to Montgomery Summit Business Park, just a hop, skip and a jump from our current store! While we are sad to leave our quaint, charming, historical building, but we are beyond excited about our NEW, FRESH, and customized space! Tara personally designed the layout of the building so we are thrilled to be able to use the space to accommodate our growing company. We will also have a bigger warehouse space for our online store while still offering the cutest retail floor for our shoppers! Keep reading to hear what’s coming up…. and when!



May- Buildout starts and we are gearing up for one EPIC summer!  Tara’s getting really PREGNANT! 


June- CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NEXT WEEK! Yes— as we prep for the move and continue to watch the store grow, we want to THANK YOU for all your loyalty to us over the last 6 years. So we are SUPER DUPER excited to launch our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE next week! (June 18th-June 24th) 


Here’s what’s HAPPENING! FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEK! Yep, no minimum, your order ships FO FREE girlfriend! Starts Sunday. 


Each Day there will be a collection that will launch and each collection will be 40% off! Yes-40%!! The sale on those items will only last for 24 hours so make sure you check our Instagram and your emails to get the details. Email subscribers will get the email with discount code at Midnight each night for collection. So SIGN UP for our list!  And remember, free shipping— so check each day for what’s on sale! This sale will be ONLINE only! 




UP AHEAD: In July, we will slowly start to move our ONLINE warehouse to the new location but our store front will remain open! 


Sometime in there, Tara is gonna have a baby! (Pray for her!)

Image via Beth Horn Photography


 August- our last weekend open at our current location will be Tax Free Weekend— August 12th! And boy do we have ONE EPIC EVENT planned for y’all! HUGE! Like, you need to put this on your calendar NOW because you’ll be cryin if ya miss it. Here’s a hint: food trucks, popsicle stand, HUGE giveaways, and of course a sale! After all, we aren’t closing, we are MOVIN’ and GROOVIN’ so we are gonna celebrate and PARTAAYYYY! 



Late September/Early October- we are REOPENING our new store front! And that will be a big ol’ shabang as well! 


Our online store will never be closed and we will continue to be available throughout this entire time! So saddle up your horse and get ready girlfriend because you have only begun to see what Ruthie Grace is all about! 


Until then, check out our launch that just released today! CLICK HERE and get ready for CUSTOMER APPRECIATION week on Sunday! Remember... emails will go out at midnight each night! 

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