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The ULTIMATE Mom Wardrobe

The ULTIMATE Mom Wardrobe

How many of you agree that becoming a mom radically changes your life? Not just some of it, all of it. It’s like, this little human, the one who makes you laugh and cry, the one who you love with every fiber of your being, can change your life in an instant! You fully embrace motherhood with all that it brings, but the ONE part that you just can’t seem to get back? Your wardrobe! It’s like the instant you had a newborn you had to trade the pumps for tennis shoes and the pretty floral dresses for workout wear. You think to yourself, why do all these Instagram mommy bloggers make this “mommy style” look super easy and I’m over here just wishing I had chance to switch out my nursing bra for a regular one?


mom wardrobe capsule


Sister, let me tell you, I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! I’m over here 2.5 years post-partum (haha! I mean, with a 2.5 year old! It just makes it sound like it wasn’t that long ago. ) and still trying to figure this style gig out. And the funny thing is, I own a clothing boutique! Bound and determined to make myself feel good and have outfits that were functional, I set out to develop a capsule wardrobe. This is a collection of timeless pieces that I put together that can be easily mixed and matched to make getting dress on a whim super easy.



ultimate mom wardrobe


Every piece is a proven winner and I promise you will find yourself reaching for them over and over again. These are items that allow you to look chic while embracing the comfort you need for the daily tasks of motherhood. What’s even better is these pieces can be interchanged with seasonal items giving you a trendy, laid-back style. I have a feeling once you get your capsule wardrobe complete, you’ll be secretly thanking me daily! This has been a game-changer for me because I’m not wasting time trying to find what outfit works for me. I already know my “most loved” pieces and I know exactly how to style them, even on those rare occasions I get to go out!


mom wardrobe flatlay


So here is my challenge for you! Download my style guide and get your capsule wardrobe together! From one momma looking to feel her best to another, trust me, you need this! It’s time you take back your style and feel good about it!


busy mom wardrobe


I can’t wait to see you on the other side pretty mama!


busy mom style guide

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