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4 Ways to Beat the Midday Slump!

4 Ways to Beat the Midday Slump!

I would bet that all of you have experienced this. The post-lunch, midday, all-consuming tiredness that washes over you around 2pm, threatening to turn you into a semi-functioning zombie if your head doesn't hit the pillow or you receive an IV of straight espresso. I know you know what I'm talking about, and to be completely candid, I am fighting the heavy weight of my own eyeballs as I type!

However, our team here at RG has put together some of our favorite ways to help us power through that midday slump and make the most out of the rest of our workdays!

1. Change Location

Sometimes when you've been sitting for too long, you just need a quick reset. At the office, we find it helpful to hop up from the desk, shake it out, get your blood flowing and resume! If you work from home, you can change it up by moving around the house, such as switching over from your desk to the couch, or by moving to the breakfast table! If time allows, let yourself unwind for a couple minutes by getting outside in the sunshine or going for that little jaunt down to the mailbox! It is important to get that extra brain stimulation when you're feeling sluggish!


2. Phone a Friend

This one can be tricky if you're a Chatty Kathy, BUT take five minutes to call and chat with someone you love! Call that long distance BFF and tell her you love and miss her! Have a quick chat with the hubby over your dinner plans for the evening. Just allowing your mind to focus on something other than the work at hand, can have significant impact on your energy level and mood!

3. Take a (Mental) Breath

When you're especially feeling exhausted, mentally drained, and are having a hard time keeping that motivation, take a big deep breath and start a little prayer of gratitude. Just a small mental unloading to the Lord can enlighten and re-energize you to complete the tasks at hand. I know that when I talk to the Father, I gain a better sense of discernment and clarity afterwards, allowing me to refocus and attack the rest of my task with renewed spirit! Just shoot up a prayer of thankfulness for your job, gratitude for your paycheck, discernment in tricky situations, patience to deal with that one coworker who won't mute herself on Zoom (iykyk), etc.! Hopefully the intentional clearing of your mind, and slight mental pause, will work in your favor!


4. Make a Little Drink!

Mocktails only, people! We are still on the clock! But seriously, don't want that crash from yet another cup of coffee? This sweet treat is not only TikTok viral, but one of our personal favorites as well! Here at RG we LOVE a good Orange Dreamsicle drink! It is so easy, consisting of only 2 ingredients: Orange flavored Poppi Probiotic Soda and your coffee creamer of choice (we used vanilla oatmilk creamer)! It is sweet, tangy, creamy, delicious, and good for that gut health! Everyone deserves a little treat after working hard all day, so grab your favorite drink or snack and finish strong!





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