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Things We Look Forward to Doing on the 4th!

Things We Look Forward to Doing on the 4th!

The Fourth of July is fast approaching and we are READY for it! Nothing screams summer more than celebrating our country's favorite national holiday! The Fourth is all about fellowship, food, fun, and family! With that in mind - here are a few of our favorite things to do to do on the day of red, white & blue!

1. Sipping Patriotic Inspired Drinks!

Okay, so we found a BOMB little drink recipe and it will BLOW your mind how simple it is! All you need is a bottle of champagne or prosecco and a couple of Bomb Pop popsicles! You pour yourself a glass of that bubbly and place in a bomb pop so that it slowly melts, creating the perfect Fourth of July cocktail!


They're so yummy & refreshing! The ultimate summer drink!

2. Enjoying an American Staple - HOTDOGS!

As we all know the famous quote from Legally Blonde... "You look like the Fourth of July, Makes me want a hotdog REAL BAD!" 

Well, we love hotdogs too, and truly, when you think of fireworks and BBQ, a hotdog is right there in the mix! So get the hubby on the grill, gather the mustard & ketchup, and don't let Miss Paulette & Elle Woods down!

3. Participating in our All-American Girl Holiday

 America is made up of friends, family, faith, food, you name it. Nothing beats getting to enjoy our freedoms with the people we love. As we know, a lot of you are mamas and get to spend this holiday with your family! Like Carrie Underwood's song, the Fourth is often celebrated, cherished, and kept alive by all the beautiful, wonderful, All-American girls, women, and mamas alike! Spend this day doing what you love with you who love!

We hope that you enjoyed this quick little read & let us know if you try out that *bomb* drink! Cheers y'all!

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