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The Ruthie Grace Staff Story

    The idea for this specific blog post has been on my mind for a while, I just never really knew exactly how to say it. I didn’t know how to do it justice for how much it really means to me, so I have been putting it off. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, I was sitting at a table with my staff at a surprise birthday party they put together for me. I was sitting there, listening to all of us laugh together and have great conversation. You know the kind. The kind of conversation that feeds your need for close friends and leaves your stomach hurting from laughter. 


  Over the course of that time, one of the girls who was sitting across from me begins talking about her new job. A little back story, her husband’s job got relocated, so she’s leaving us for Ft. Worth with her family. She was talking about how much she’s going to miss working at Ruthie Grace, or “RG”, as we refer to it. The perks to the job aren’t just cute clothes, they go beyond that. It was at this moment specifically, I knew I needed to write this blog. 


So, without further ado, here is our staff story. 


  When I first opened the doors to Ruthie Grace, I had my eyes set on three things. Clothes, Customers, and Money. I wanted to sell cute clothes, to have wonderful and loyal customers, and make money. Sounds right for a budding entrepreneur, doesn’t it? The one facet of RG that I never envisioned much were my employees. I always knew they would be a part of the equation, but NEVER, did I imagine the impact they would have on me, my business, and each other. 


  This past year, more than any, my employees have made a lasting impact on my life. Behind the scenes filling orders, entering inventory, and tagging merchandise; you don’t see much of who they are or hear their story, so that’s why I want to share it all with you. I know that RG isn’t the end game for all of them. Most of them, this is just a stopping place. A place to work while they continue on their journey to fulfill their future careers. But while they are here, I don’t take forgranted the time I have with them to help grow them as individuals, expand their knowledge of work ethic and business, as well as leave a lasting impression of what it is to be a Godly woman, mother, and wife. However, it’s not just about the opportunity for me to love on them, it’s the story that’s being written about the company that is Ruthie Grace. A company full of women experiencing so many different life stages and a place they can call “home” for just a brief time. 


  Speaking of their experiences, I want to tell you a little bit about some of them. You, just like me, will be amazed at all of them. And, you’ll be even more surprised to know that all of this has happened in the last year. So now more than ever, it’s obvious to me how important their job at RG is - at this specific time and how the Lord has so beautifully crafted this wonderful group of women. 


Ruthie Grace is made up 12 employees. 


*One of them is studying homeopathic medicine while working. Her brother is also fighting for his life with cancer.  Undergoing radiation, chemo-therapy, and waiting for his chance for immuno-therapy, she needs flexibility in her job to able to help care for him when he needs


*The employee who has been with RG the longest is a retired RN. Her husband is a pilot (now retired too!) and flies long trips often. While he’s gone, she helps us behind the scenes.


*We have one employee who has been battling a life long illness. After countless medications and trials, Ruthie Grace has given her a place to work and keeps her mind off things. Her health has improved drastically and she will tell you, “Ruthie Grace has saved my life!”


*Another girl is actively pursuing her career as a professional sports team dancer. By working at Ruthie Grace, she has the ability to train for her try-outs. She also leads a youth bible study for her church. Since the majority of her job is web-based, she can create the flexibility she needs to work and passionately pursue her dreams!


*We have two employees who were homeschooled! (PS: They are my favs! I’ve had the privilege of working with several girls who were homeschooled and I have always been so impressed!) Ruthie Grace fit right into their schedules and studies. They are both now working on degrees for their future career. 


*One of our staff is adopted. Her parents are missionaries and they were able to adopt her at the age of 10. She is now the oldest of 6 kids and works for us here in the States. She recently finished her degree at a Bible college and will be continuing on her education this fall. She has impacted us in a huge way!


*This story has to be the most profound for me. This past year, we had a mother approach us about working in our warehouse. Her daughter had a metabolic genetic disorder and needed full time care. However, looking for a place to get out of the house, she was able to come to work with us and bring her sweet baby girl. We enjoyed that baby so much and we spent many days talking to her like she was another employee just like us! She went home to be with Jesus in January. I know I can speak for my entire staff when I say we were all impacted by that baby and her mom! 


*Another employee has 3 children and stays home with them. Ruthie Grace is her place of work once a week where she can bring her kids for a few hours, get some work done, and contribute to her household income.


*** And finally, me. The first employee of Ruthie Grace. I’m a mom of two boys and juggling work is hard sometimes. I’m sure there are so many of you that can relate. But, because of this job, I can spend time with my babies. I can work from home if I need to or from my office when I need an escape. 


   Ruthie Grace is a for-profit business but we are actively investing in women. Every purchase that you make goes back into the pockets of our employees who are battling for their lives (some of them literally). We are putting time and love into the women who work here and helping them along their life journey. It’s not just a job, it’s an outreach. 


   So when I think of it, this blog post really is about thanking all of you. Thanking each of you who have ever made a purchase with us. Without you, we wouldn’t get to create this workplace and community. Without you, we wouldn’t have the income to provide for these girls. So thank you! Thank you! 

   I hope you enjoyed this raw and vulnerable blog post. I’ve been wanting to share it for a while and I’ve finally did it! If you want to get to know our staff a little better, we will be posting behind the scenes Insta-stories over on our Instagram page. You can find us at . Find our HIGHLIGHT story on our main page titled “RG GALS” and you can get to know fun facts about them! 


Praying many blessings over each of you! 

-Tara, @taraaustin1 

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What's it Really Like to Own a Boutique?

If you’ve been a follower of Ruthie Grace for a bit, you know that I love to share the world of entrepreneurship with others. While I adore fashion, the entrepreneur side of my business is really want I love! So that may spark the question, “Did you start a boutique so you could just own your own business? Or was it something you had always wanted to do because you love clothes?” In this blog post, I’m going to open up about my “Why” and “How” I got started and what it’s really like owning a boutique!


 So let’s go back to the birth of Ruthie Grace and how she even came about. Have you ever wondered where this idea started that is now 7 years strong? I get asked this question a lot and my answer is simple. I was a college graduate with a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. I was newly married, had a job as a customer service rep for an insurance agency, and barely making ends meet financially. There was nothing about my job that correlated with my degree and I wasn’t being challenged. Most days I drove to work feeling unfulfilled in my career. It just wasn’t what I was created to do and I knew it. This was about the time that Facebook businesses really started to pop-up and companies were seeing huge returns by posting products on their then “fan pages”. I was fortunate enough to have built a friendship with some great girls who owned a boutique in College Station. I shopped there often and found that I really loved their business model. The idea of owning my own business kept nagging in the back of my head and I felt this huge push to really do it. Was I scared? Of course. Did I know anything at all about business or owning my own boutique? Nope. Not a thing. Did I have any experience in the fashion industry? Nothing. Was it safe to say that I was taking a huge risk on taking on this new business venture? ABSOLUTELY. But here’s the thing with owing your own business. It’s always a risk. And the reward will NEVER be available if you don’t step out in faith and do it. So that’s exactly what I did.


To get things moving, I made a business plan. I highly recommend anyone wanting to start their own business to do this. Even if it’s a multi-level marketing company. You need to know what the investment will be and what the return will be. Guess if you have to, you need to know. Then look at it and decide, is this PROFITABLE? If you can’t prove a profitable model, then you need to rethink some things. Next step. Go the bank. I told you I had barely any money, so getting a loan was the only option, but, I started small. I didn’t want to get in over my head so I made sure my debt was manageable. (You have to include this in your business model!) Once the loan was secured I started putting together the store. It went like this. Find a location. Check. Design a logo and a name. Check. (Ruthie Grace is the combined middle names of my grandmother’s middle names. And no, I didn’t always have this name picked out. It came after the idea of owning a business.) Buy clothes. Check. ( My first buying trip was to Dallas Market Center). Build a social media account. Check. Then green light! I opened the doors to Ruthie Grace exactly 1.5 months after finding my location.


Looking back on that stage of business, I thought the beginning would be the scariest part. The initial set up. Oh my, how I was wrong. The scariest part of owning a business is growing it. It’s easy to sit back and coast and stay complacent. There’s no challenge and risks starts to diminish. Growing a business, investing more money, and constantly stretching your knowledge is where it really gets tough. You can read tons of books on owning you own business (I’ll link my favs at the end of this post) but none of them will give you all the knowledge you need to know on what will or won’t work. You have to invent those processes yourself. Processes? What do you mean? Here’s an example. When inventory arrives, what’s the best way to get it tagged and online? Sounds simple but when we are receiving 100’s of products per month, sometimes in one week, you have to have a system in place for that. So what does that look like for us? I’ll have a whole blog post coming soon to give you behind the scenes.


That leads me to the title of this blog post, “What’s it really like owning a boutique?”. It’s hard. Like wayyy challenging. And the most rewarding career I could have asked for. If you were looking for me to give you some cheesy answer about how I play dress up all day, you’re in the wrong place. In fact, most days you can find me rocking work out pants and tennis shoes because I’m hustling from one thing to the next. But if you were to ask me, should I open my own boutique? I would 100% say yes. There is nothing in this world that is worth something that isn’t hard. If it wasn’t challenging you, then that means you would find no value in it. My business takes up an immense amount of time but because of this career, I am living the creative life I want to live. My mind works like this, “How do I get from Point A to Point B?” What does that process look like? There’s no road so I have to create it, dig it and, pave it. That hustle is what makes my entrepreneur heart sing!


With the technology and social media we have available, we are seeing tons of women like you and me opening up their own businesses regularly. While we could all look at it as extremely intimidating, I see it as a wonderful opportunity. We have the ability to create our own place on the web, a place that is uniquely branded to who we are, what we stand for, and what we love. Isn’t that amazing? And the opportunity is yours for the taking, you just have to do it. Trust me, I know the uncertainty that is going through your head, but with PRAYER (Yes, I am a believer and I pray about EVERYTHING!) and support, you can do it!


I’ll leave you with just a few things before I wrap up this post.

  1. My email is always open. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to answer!
  2. Meditate on this scripture. I know you’ve heard it before but it’s so good and so true. “I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength.” Phil 4:13. Notice the emphasis on all. Not some… ALL, even owning your own business.
  3. Read some really good books. My fave is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.
  4. If you really want more, I’m teaching a webinar in June with some of my favorite social media gurus. More details will be coming up soon but you can find the website here.


Alright, so here was my first blog post. It was all about “business” but I have some pretty rad ideas in the works. I plan on covering lots of good topics from mom life, styling, to eye-lash extensions. So keep coming back to check out more!


Many blessings to you,


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The Future of Ruthie Grace

The Future of Ruthie Grace

Have you ever looked at your life and thought that the reality you're in doesn’t match what you think or feel? That’s me right now when I look at Ruthie Grace as a business and realize we have been business for 6.5 years! 6.5 years y’all! Can you believe it? When I look at where we started (in a 900 sq. ft building with hand written receipts) to where we are now (shipping thousands of packages a month) it’s all so surreal! 


Since Ruthie Grace opened in February 2011 we have moved from a small building to a bigger building. And guess what?!? We are MOVING again! Say whaaaaat? Yep, moving! I’ve decided to give you a little animated quick story about why the move. 


The Story of Ruthie Grace


February 2011- Ruthie Grace opens. One man show with help from some friends. Hand written receipts and tags. I was 23 and wore feathered headband and was ready to hustle! (Thank goodness my style has changed! ha!) 


I laugh at how amateur our photos were. I hope you giggle a little over it too!


Pretty Bad huh? 

2012- Ruthie Grace grows. Hire employees. And really start to sell on social media. Our pictures start to improve! Thank goodness, right?

Then, we get smart and started model the clothes. But for some reason, we never had faces in our photos... haha!




2013- Ruthie Grace brings on a manager and starts to sell on RunShip! (social media selling) // Tara finds out she is preggo!

photo credit: Beth Horn Photography

And yes, our pictures got better! (The year of the printed leggings... anyone else remember???)



 2014- Kruze’s is born in March! We have a new manager and 5 employees! We finally upgrade to a point of sale system, start naming products, and moving inventory really fast! I’m telling you, we thought we were BIG TIME! 


 2015- Ruthie Grace takes the BIG plunge and moves from a 900 sq. ft. building to a 3200 sq. ft. building! We did it in 10 days! You can just call us “champion retail store movers”.  

2016- We launch our ONLINE store in January. Let’s just say selling online is a whole new ball game. Boy, we were in foreign territory but we figured out our jam. #teamwork. And guess what? Our photos got a lot better! Late 2016, Tara finds out that she is expecting again! 


2017— Now this brings us to the current year. The building we are in has been SOLD! So guess what, RG is moving again! 



April- We made a decision on where to move Ruthie Grace and we are so excited!! 


We are moving to Montgomery Summit Business Park, just a hop, skip and a jump from our current store! While we are sad to leave our quaint, charming, historical building, but we are beyond excited about our NEW, FRESH, and customized space! Tara personally designed the layout of the building so we are thrilled to be able to use the space to accommodate our growing company. We will also have a bigger warehouse space for our online store while still offering the cutest retail floor for our shoppers! Keep reading to hear what’s coming up…. and when!



May- Buildout starts and we are gearing up for one EPIC summer!  Tara’s getting really PREGNANT! 


June- CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NEXT WEEK! Yes— as we prep for the move and continue to watch the store grow, we want to THANK YOU for all your loyalty to us over the last 6 years. So we are SUPER DUPER excited to launch our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE next week! (June 18th-June 24th) 


Here’s what’s HAPPENING! FREE SHIPPING ALL WEEK! Yep, no minimum, your order ships FO FREE girlfriend! Starts Sunday. 


Each Day there will be a collection that will launch and each collection will be 40% off! Yes-40%!! The sale on those items will only last for 24 hours so make sure you check our Instagram and your emails to get the details. Email subscribers will get the email with discount code at Midnight each night for collection. So SIGN UP for our list!  And remember, free shipping— so check each day for what’s on sale! This sale will be ONLINE only! 




UP AHEAD: In July, we will slowly start to move our ONLINE warehouse to the new location but our store front will remain open! 


Sometime in there, Tara is gonna have a baby! (Pray for her!)

Image via Beth Horn Photography


 August- our last weekend open at our current location will be Tax Free Weekend— August 12th! And boy do we have ONE EPIC EVENT planned for y’all! HUGE! Like, you need to put this on your calendar NOW because you’ll be cryin if ya miss it. Here’s a hint: food trucks, popsicle stand, HUGE giveaways, and of course a sale! After all, we aren’t closing, we are MOVIN’ and GROOVIN’ so we are gonna celebrate and PARTAAYYYY! 



Late September/Early October- we are REOPENING our new store front! And that will be a big ol’ shabang as well! 


Our online store will never be closed and we will continue to be available throughout this entire time! So saddle up your horse and get ready girlfriend because you have only begun to see what Ruthie Grace is all about! 


Until then, check out our launch that just released today! CLICK HERE and get ready for CUSTOMER APPRECIATION week on Sunday! Remember... emails will go out at midnight each night! 

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day DISCOUNT + GIFT CARD + GIVEAWAY

The Ultimate Mother’s Day DISCOUNT + GIFT CARD + GIVEAWAY

If you’re a mother, there is no advice, book, or friend that can truly prepare you for life changing moment of when you welcome your first little one into the world! In an instant your world changes in so many ways. This mother’s day we want to honor you and all the you do for your sweet family. You are a huge part in fulfilling the Lord’s work here on Earth and you display His love in so many ways to your family! We are so grateful for Moms! We are who we are, because of you! 

We have so many wonderful treats in store for all of you! A treat for yourself, a treat from your family, and a chance to WIN FREE clothes for the rest of year! Yes girl, FREE clothes! (P.S. Kids not required to enter. ;) Moms and Not-Yet-Mommies can enter!)


TREAT YO’ SELF: Sometimes, it’s hard for our hubbies and kids to pick out the best gift for us- so here’s a little love JUST FOR YOU! 


Take 20% off your ENTIRE purchase using code MOTHERSDAY20 at checkout. Discount ends Sunday May 14th at midnight. Not applicable on ANY purchases prior to Wednesday May 9th. To redeem discount IN STORE- please show employee this promo code graphic!


THE GIFT YOU REALLY WANT: We’ve made gift giving EASY! Every mom loves a gift card to spend on herself! Just for Mother’s Day, our GIFT CARDS are 25% off! Use code MDGIFTCARD at checkout to apply discount. To make it easier to HINT to the HUBBY: Just copy and past this link in an email to him! All the details on the discount are under the PRODUCT description! Discount also applies for IN STORE gift cards. Please note: gift cards are not synced. Online gift cards are only applicable online and In store gift cards are only applicable in store.

Then copy & paste this little phrase: 

Just in case you need an idea for Mother’s Day….Ruthie Grace Boutique is having a Mother’s Day Sale on gift cards! Click the link I sent and use code MDGIFTCARD at checkout to take 25% off the gift card amount. Easy. And I promise, I’ll love it!


THE GIVEAWAY YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR:  What if I told you that you could WIN FREE clothes for the rest of 2017! Well, this isn't a joke-- it's true! Anyone can ENTER! 

There are 4 STEPS and each MUST be completed in order to ENTER! Here's what you will WIN if you are the selected WINNER! Actually- you know what.... I think I should choose 2 WINNERS! Yes, let's GO BIG! 

2 of you will WIN: FREE CLOTHES each MONTH till the end of 2017! Each month you will be sent 2 FREE products of your choice. *Some exclusions may apply. That's 7 months of FREE clothes! So who's ready to ENTER? 

To enter, please complete the FOLLOWING:

1. Please SHARE this blog post on FACEBOOK! You must share the link to BLOG. Let your friends know about our SALE and the GIVEAWAY! Use this link to copy and paste to your page :

2. FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM! Click here to follow:

3. FOLLOW us on Pinterest! AND (this step is CRUCIAL and must be completed: REPIN 10 of our PINS from our RUTHIE board!) Click here:

4. To COMPLETE your ENTRY: YOU MUST email us at with the FOLLOWING so we can VERIFY each entry!

Copy and past this template for easy emailing! 

The link to my Facebook post is here: 

My Instagram Handle is: 

My pinterest account is: 


All 4 steps MUST be completed by May 15th, 2017 at midnight! The winners will be EMAILED via the email submission address. They will be selected the week of May 16th. Email recipients will have 24 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be selected. Winners will be emailed the details of the giveaway and how to receive their products. All entries will be entered into and a random winner will be selected and their entry will be verified using the information provided in the email. This giveaway is sponsored solely by Ruthie Grace Boutique. 




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How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety. That one little word yet it has so much power. It plagues so many people, nearly 40 million Americans and keeps them from fully living the life the Lord has set before them. I think there are some people who use the term loosely- “I am just really anxious about this upcoming birthday party. It’s a surprise and I really hope it all goes to plan.” However, for some (me included), it wasn’t just a simple term to describe something specific. It was a state of being that robbed me of my joy and who I was. If I had to describe it, I would use the words “debilitating, still but also fast, paralyzing yet heart pounding, quivering yet sweaty”. It didn’t just revolve around a specific event, it would creep in when certain triggers would set it off. Do you know someone like that? Or better yet, is that you?


For those of you who haven’t dealt with anxiety, it’s hard to understand how someone can’t just “stop worrying! It will be fine.” However, for someone with chronic anxiety, it’s not that simple. It’s like your hands are tied to a treadmill and it’s on the highest speed and you can’t get off. Your mind just continues to rehash whatever it is you are worried about and won’t let it go. For years I lived like this. Worry would creep in but I was always able to rationalize my fears to myself and to others. I made my anxiety out to be something that was needed. It wasn’t until I had my son Kruze, that I realized how deep the problem had become. Yes, I do believe that a lot of the struggle came from the new world of motherhood and postpartum hormones, however, looking back, I just think it was the tip of the iceberg for a girl who spent her life worrying. The beauty of that was that I found myself desperate for a solution. I needed a way to know that I could get past this. And I am so happy to tell you I did. And today, I am hoping that by sharing my tips on how to overcome anxiety, you too can grow past your worry and experience the true freedom that Christ has waiting for you. 



The first step is understanding your mind and how it works. Our minds are like computers, simply put. They begin empty and blank and slowly as we grow and mature, we begin to “download” new software. We have memories, experiences, and trials that we process. Sometimes, they can be things that are traumatizing and leave us with a space that causes us misery. These memories or fears of relapse or the idea of something terrible happening come back into our minds when triggers occur. Here’s an example. When I was 5, I was in a terrible tornado that destroyed many homes in our neighborhood.  Now at the age of 29, if we get a “severe thunderstorm warning” I start to panic. If that warning escalates to a “tornado warning” then I am in the closet, shivering from fear, and refreshing my radar app every 30 secs. What am I afraid of? Another terrible tornado. Yes, there are chances that could happen, however, not like my mind allows me to believe. Sometimes the reason for our anxiety can’t be pinpointed. It may not be from the cause of a traumatic event, yet still we worry. A common fear is when a loved one doesn’t answer our phone call. We know that are driving in terrible conditions  so immediately our minds create the worse possible scenario. Regardless of the source, we have to override the anxiety with new software- God’s word.


The second step is downloading new software and memorizing scripture. The Bible is very clear that the Lord wants you to fully experience His peace. Anxiety doesn’t have to rule over your life and control you. There is a freedom that is only available through Christ and it was only after I spent time in His word that I realized that worry and obsessive behaviors didn’t have any stronghold over me. I know all this, because on the other side of this computer screen, I am writing this from a place of personal experience. The ONLY answer to freedom is through Jesus and the direct link to that is His word. I did this by memorizing and reading scripture. Daily. I found specific verses that I memorized, specifically those relating to the Lord’s peace. Anytime I felt the anxiety bug creep in I would override that software with the new software of Christ. I would repeat the scriptures out loud. I will be honest and admit that at first, it felt foreign and strange. However, as time progressed, it became apart of my daily routine. 

Here are a few scriptures that I have memorized. I want to encourage you to look each of them up, write it down somewhere, and begin to say them out loud. 


1 Peter 5: 7-10

Psalm 34:4

Psalm 55:22

Proverbs 3:5-6

Isaiah 41:13

Matthew 6:34

Matthew 11:28-29


Thirdly, you must spend time in prayer. Prayer is your life line and your connection to Christ. As you continue to spend time with the Lord, you will begin to grow and trust him as your relationship grows. Think of it this way, if you asked a stranger to do you a favor would you trust them to do it? If you asked a friend to do you a favor, do you think they would be more likely to do it? Of course, because there is a relationship there that you know you can rely on. The Lord longs for that relationship and trust. He is waiting on you. If you continue to fill the void with other things (i.e. your phone, which I did in order to take my mind off things.) you will continue to come up short. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that can replace prayer. Here is a rhyme I came across in a bible study I did once and it’s a great trick to memorize. 


“When I fear, I need God here. Who needs to hear it? The Holy Spirit.” Which simply means, pray. Talk to Him. Then simply say that words “Help Me Jesus”. Those three simply words will have a profound impact. I promise. 

The fourth and final step- put Satan back where he belongs, under your feet. You need to know that you have be given all the power by Jesus to conquer Satan and he has NO POWER or strongholds over your life. Listen up girlfriend: There is POWER on a level we don’t even comprehend in the name of Jesus! The enemy WILL NOT take over! Are you hearing me? Are you listening to the words I am typing? My beautiful friend, Jesus died on the cross for your salvation and mine and He has given us authority to command Satan to step down and be gone! Sometimes, when I am really struggling, I will yell- yes yell, out loud- “Satan you have NO CONTROL over my life! I demand you in the power of the name of Jesus, get out of my head!” You may chuckle a little at the thought of me doing that, but sister, I am not lying when I say he is ferocious and sometimes he comes after me in a strong way. But, I will NOT allow him that control for one single moment and you shouldn’t either. You need to walk in that authority! 


Look up this verse. 2 Timothy 1:7.


Okay, so that wraps up our time here together but I want to tell you one more thing. This works. I promise because I’m living it. But what it doesn’t mean is that you won’t face anxiety again. It will try to creep up on you and try to hold you captive. Every day, you have to get up. Get up and eat. Get up and take in God’s word. Get up and fill your mind with the Good News of Jesus. I hope that through this blog you were able to capture a little bit of hope and freedom through what Christ has done in my life. And my prayer for you is that you too can fully experience the joy, peace, and freedom in Christ. 


Blessings to you my precious friend. 


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The TOUGHEST New Year's Resolution I've ever made!

The TOUGHEST New Year's Resolution I've ever made!

Welcome to 2017 ladies! It’s a new year. A fresh start. New beginnings. And if you are like me, you’ve already got a New Year’s resolution in full swing. I’m pretty sure I can’t remember a year that I didn’t have a New Year’s resolution. For a Type A, “every thing has a goal”, entrepreneur like myself, not having a New Year’s resolution is kinda forbidden. I’ve always been the girl who was working towards achieving some goal whether it was personal or business. I start off with a goal, the plan to make it happen, and a course of action. And typically I am FULLY committed. If I’m losing 10 lbs. then I have hit the gym without stopping since Monday. I’ve meal prepped, labeled, and separated out all my meals for the entire week. One year, I had planned to read the entire bible. I had a full print out of how much I was going to read every day. For my business, each year I have set a sales goal for the entire year. I’ve figured out what sales will need to be met for each month and get to the hustle. Is that you? Are you in full swing right now? What’s on your resolution list? 


But here’s the catch. Every year, no matter how committed I am to achieving the “goal”, I fail. By the end of the third week, I’m skipping workouts and slacking on the meal prep. Or I’ve missed chapters of reading and I’m so far behind I can’t get caught up. So then I just start skipping over the part in Genesis where it lists all those names of the families and descendants. (You laugh but I know some of you know exactly what I’m talking about!) Or maybe we had a terrible freeze in January so sales plummet. It happens to the best of us. Am I right? But aren’t goals and resolutions good? Aren’t they actually to make you change for the better? Well yes and I think there are definitely people who can make these changes and really improve their quality of life. But I’m not that person. Instead, when I don’t meet my goal. I’m disappointed, badly. And I allow the chatterbox in my head to tell me “I wasn’t dedicated enough.” “Why keep going when you’ve made no progress.” “You didn’t sell “x” amount because you didn’t have the right inventory.” I have allowed my value to be based off of my failures rather than just the person I am today. Is that you? Do you have that little voice in your head that tells you that you can’t do it? And it doesn’t even take resolutions for this little voice to pop up. I hear it daily. Scrolling through Instagram and you see this mom with a full face of make-up and perfectly curled hair and she’s smiling with her adorable little styled child and the quote says “A day of errands. Love him!” and your secretly thinking… “ Wow. She really has it together. She looks cute just to go to Target. I’m just sitting here with a holey white shirt, crooked glasses with a prescription that is way out of date, and a messy bun with hair that hasn’t been washed in 4 days. I really wish I could be like her, but I’m not” (Ps. I just totally described my outfit while I am typing this blog! ;) ) And it’s not the voice that says “I don't care! I am what I am!” it’s the voice that says “I really need to try harder.” Fail. You beat yourself up for not meeting the standard that YOU set for yourself. That’s me, all the time.


This year, I’ve decided that’s not how it’s going to be. This year, I’m making the hardest New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made and I want to challenge you do it with me. My New Year’s resolution is Grace. To fully give myself Grace to fully accept myself for the wonderful woman that God created me to be. I can tell you right now, it’s gonna be really hard. Quite possibly one of the hardest things I have done because I am so hard on myself. Is that you too? I mean daily I beat myself up over something. Today, my battle was the fact that I wasn’t prepared in inventory for this week. And I tell myself “Well, it was a slow sales week because YOU weren’t prepared.” Fail. But if I’m being really vulnerable, my biggest struggle is my appearance. And the sad part about it, I am almost positive many of you struggle with it as well. 


In order to make this change, I have realized one thing I have to do is remove my focus from myself. So my first step in this process is going to be reminding you of how truly amazing you are! My dear sweet reader on the other side of this screen, I want you to know how loved you are. You are not loved because of your successes or your failures, you are loved because you are YOU! You were loved before you were even created. There is this guy named Jesus and I am telling you he LOVES you BIG TIME! Maybe today you didn’t feel like you were good enough, but I want you to know you are. And you need to know that you are BEAUTIFUL! Breath-taking actually. Your smile, it lights up the world. Your personality brings joy. You presence brings happiness. Not just to me, but to lots of other people as well! 


Okay, now I want you to think of someone who really means a lot to you. Maybe it’s a family member or a friend. Got that person in mind? Great, now go find their number in your phone and start a text message. 


I want you to copy this message to them. 



“Hey you! You were on my heart today. I’ve been thinking about you lately and I really wanted you to know how thankful I am that you are in my life. When I think about the glue that holds me together, you are definitely apart of it. I wanted you to know that you are beautiful too! And your friendship is something that I cherish. I’m not sure if you’re making a New Year’s resolution or not, but whether you accomplish it or not, you will always be enough! Love you.”


Okay, now go! Send it. Once your done, copy and paste the link to this blog and send that too. She’ll read the blog as well and hopefully she will pass it along to another friend of hers! I am hoping that we all send each other these messages as affirmation that we are TRULY LOVED and we are all TRULY ENOUGH! And that grace is ours to receive. 


For those of you who are setting new goals this year, I am praying that you have the endurance to achieve them. But if you don’t— you are still just as beautiful! 


As always, thanks for taking the time to read a little bit of my thoughts. I am just so grateful for the group of women that I have been blessed to be surround by. We may not know each other personally, but just the simple fact that you’re reading this blog I know we are friends! 





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The Ultimate Christmas Giveaway!

The Ultimate Christmas Giveaway!

Can you believe it's actually the week of Christmas? I feel like 2016 came and went in the blink of an eye! It feels like just yesterday we were launching our website back in January. This year has brought so many new opportunities to Ruthie Grace and I am beyond grateful. We have seen a huge increase in our overall success but also we have had the opportunity to meet and connect with some really amazing women! As I reflect on the success of this last year, my heart is full of gratitude. I know that there are boutiques all over the world and internet that you could choose to shop at but the fact that you chose us, means more than you will ever know! I hope that this Christmas you are able to relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones! I pray the Lord blesses you during this season and that 2017 brings you a new fresh perspective!


To finish off the year, I wanted to do one last giveaway! It needed to be a good one, don't you think? We are giving away $250! Yeah girl, you can get ya some really cute clothes with that! :) Want to enter??? All the details are HERE--->> CLICK TO ENTER!


Oh and PS. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR year end Sale the day after Christmas! Email subscribers will get FIRST dibs! We will be closed in store the day after Christmas but our sale will begin ONLINE. 





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Stocking Stuffers for Him

Stocking Stuffers for Him

Thanksgiving is over, and it’s time to move on to my favorite holiday of the year: CHRISTMAS!! My tree is up and the stockings are hung. Now I’m ready to drink hot cocoa and watch Elf for the rest of the season. 


I’m doing most of my shopping online this year because #toddlers. I don’t know about you, but my husband is one of the hardest people to shop for because he never asks for anything! I wanted to share a few of my favorite stocking stuffers for the men in your life.  


I stumbled upon Manready Mercantile at the Nutcracker Market in Houston recently. They have the best gifts! How fun is their Carry On Cocktail Kit? It comes in Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule and Champagne Cocktail. I’ll take the Bloody Mary kit in my stocking, please! I’m definitely getting the Bourbon Soaked Toothpicks also available in Single Malt Scotch Whiskey and Cinnamint. 


Maybe your man doesn’t really drink, but he loves the outdoors. I found Anchor Grey on Instagram and fell in love with their look. Check out their Outdoor Playing Cards perfect for his next camping or hunting trip!


Silly socks are kind of my husband’s thing. Plus who doesn’t love tacos?! Basically, these Taco Socks are perfect.


Does your man love beer so much he dreams of bathing in it? Well now he can with these Beer Bars made with real beer! Applied topically, beer has anti-inflammatory qualities… who knew?


I absolutely love these Wood iPhone Cases made from real wood in Northern Indiana. There’s lots of designs to choose from, too. 


I hope you enjoy this fun & festive holiday season. Happy shopping!! XO


Written by : Alyssa Adams, current Ruthie Grace Brand Rep. 

To checkout what's NEW online at Ruthie Grace, click here ! We are always posting NEW ARRIVALS over on our Instagram page, FOLLOW US HERE!

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3 Tips for Easy Hairstyles on a Lazy Monday

This is a guest post by our friend Lexi Baker

Quick and easy hairstyles for that morning you just want to sleep in an extra 30 minutes

TIP #1
easy hairstyles - dry shampooNot in the mood to wash your hair? No worries, I’m going to share my favorite secret on how to get the “my hair is secretly dirty, but looks oh so clean”

My secret is DRY SHAMPOO! I use it everyday. It's perfect for anyone who doesn't wash their hair on a day to day basis. It is so simple to use as well, you could get your kids to do it for you. Hehehe.

TIP #2
Wand it in under 5 minutes. Wake up with bed head, Walk out the door feeling asconfident as Beyonce.

easy hairstyles ponytailsStep 1: Start off by getting a bigger barrel.
Step 2: Section your hair into 2 pony tails (4 pony tails if your hair is touching your shoulders or above)
Step 3: Take 1/2 inch - 1inch sections, but only wrap your hair around the wand twice and leave the last inch and a half out. Tight curls are not where the style is right now. This technique gives you a subtle curl and is also less damaging to your hair!

Wand temperature - 350F, once the hair is wrapped i count 4 Mississippi’s then let go

TIP #3
easy hairstyles wandNot in the mood to deal with your hair at all? Thats okay, take out your teasing brush, throw it all up, or in a half up bun. Any lady can pull off this look, and also pull off your outfit for the day. So put on your favorite shoes and you are good to go!

Now that you know how to fix your hair as if everyday was a Monday, download the style guide so we can show you 5 Styles to a Comfy and Chic Mom Wardrobe!

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