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5 Spring Trends You Must Have, No Matter Your Style!

Buying seasonal trends can be tricky because we all have different personal styles. Yet, I want to show you that regardless of your personal style, there are five stylish, fun, and different spring trends that you CANNOT miss out on! The best part is that these styles can be mixed and matched according to what you already have in your closet AND as a bonus, I am also going to show you some great pieces that we currently have at Ruthie Grace that will help make these trends easy to check off your list! 


1. Canadian Tuxedo

First up on trendy styles is the Canadian Tuxedo. What in the world is that, you ask? Don't worry, it is just denim styled on denim! We are seeing this trend become super popular in light of the highly watched TV series, Yellowstone, that continues to garner a following while simultaneously influencing fashion. So, bring out that western inspired look and don't be afraid to style denim on denim! All you need is an easy denim button-down top that you can mix and match with different jeans and shorts throughout the spring and summer seasons. 

2. WOW Moment Dress

The second trend we highly recommend participating in is a WOW moment dress! There is a highly probable chance that you're going to have a special event come up this season, and when that time comes around, you want to make sure that you have a dress that makes an impact and builds the memories that you're looking for. You can wait until the event gets closer on the calendar, and we have tons of event dresses that you can see here in this blog, OR you can think ahead! Think of how you want to feel in that moment when you are wearing your dress. Find the dress that, while you're wearing it, people stop and say "Oh my gosh! That dress is SO cute!" or "You look amazing!" Those are the compliments that we are typically after. We want an outfit  that really make us feel good about ourselves! So, finding that WOW moment dress is the perfect way to ensure that happens.


3. Day-to-Night Transitional Top

The third trend is a day-to-night transitional top. This can look like so many different varieties of tops. It can be casual or dressy, but regardless, it is a piece  that sticks out at you when you are looking at your closet and the pieces you have, and asking yourself "What can I wear all day but that still works with my evening plans?" This could be a top that when paired with jeans and sneakers, you can effortlessly wear throughout the day, but then quickly change into trousers or a skirt or throw on a dressy heel to elevate the look and bring it into the night life. Sometimes, we just need that top that works no matter what is going on in our lives! At Ruthie Grace, we love, LOVE these kinds of tops! In fact, I would say this kind of top is our bread and butter, because we know how versatile the pieces in your closet need to be. We are busy moms too, moving from day to night, carpool to dinner date, to church events and all the things in between, just like you! We want to provide versatile and flexible pieces that work with you and whatever schedule you may have.


4. Wide Leg Jeans

Fourth on the trend list is... wide leg jeans! Okay, we have talked A LOT about jeans over here, but it is now time to really focus in on wide legged denim. Jeans are getting wider. We are seeing the 90s jean trend start to really make its way into our daily wear fashion, so basically the mantra is, the wider the leg, the better! Wide leg jeans can be worn with heels and boots, but also are really cute with sneakers and a graphic tee. If you haven't embraced this trend yet, we highly suggest that you do, because it will be taking us back into the fall and winter seasons.

5. Dopamine Colors

Finally, the number five trend is to embrace a dopamine color! What does this mean? It means that it is time for us to get out of our winter blues and welcome the spring season for what it is! We can do this by bringing in fun, flirty colors into our everyday wardrobe. In the photo below, I am wearing a fun, striped citron tee, and honestly, the second I put it on, my mood skyrocketed! Dopamine colors can consist of bright, mood-boosting colors such as, fuchsia, turquoise, and shades of oranges and yellows! We have put together a collection here for you, so that you can mix and match your own dopamine colors!

We would love to get your feedback on these spring trends, so leave your comments below! Thank you for reading and exploring these fun styles and colors with us, and let us know what you want to read next!

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