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5 Tips to Help Turn a Bad Day Around

5 Tips to Help Turn a Bad Day Around

We have all experienced it. That awful, dragging day that seems like you can't catch a break and feels like it is going last forever. While I know I am not alone in having these days, it can be especially hard to shift your thoughts and mentality and escape that negative headspace. However, I have found that, with even the slightest shift in mindset and by performing a few small tasks, you can attain that achievable transformation of mood and set the rest of your day up for success! I have put together a little list of things to I have found to help brighten your outlook and spark a bit of joy in an otherwise gloomy day!

1. Happy Song = Mood Boost

Personally, I love to listen to music. Music is a universal language and encompasses every human thought and emotion, which is why it resonates with virtually everybody! Music is also exceptional at evoking nostalgic feelings and emotions. As I am sure most of you do, I have that special song, that when it is on the radio, it takes me back to the moment where I felt most free - wind in my hair, full of joy and life. Because of this association with memory, music is a great way to pull in some happiness during a bad day! Turn on your favorite worship song and lift your hands in praise, jam out to your favorite nostalgic 80's rock, or your soft piano ballads - whatever your cup of tea is, play your favorite song, reminisce in those good memories, and its bound to positively charge your mood!

2. Get Some Sun!

It is scientifically proven that the simple act of going outside and basking in the sun's rays is good for the soul! No matter how busy or hectic your day is, if you can take just five minutes to walk outside, lift your face up to the sun (with the proper eye protection, of course) and just recharge your battery, your outlook on the day will change. We are all solar panels, my friends, and all have to take a minute to recharge and soak up the sun! 

3. Act of Kindness

A guaranteed mood booster is the simple act of doing something for someone else! Don't worry, this doesn't have to be anything grand or expensive, but by smiling at everyone you pass, carrying that extra bag for a stranger or even hugging ten people throughout the day, the joy that you bring to those around you is inevitably going to come back to you, too. 

4. Fav Drink + Fun Cup

Okay, some might find this one silly, but by drinking your favorite drink out of a fun or fancy cup, your mood will immediately improve! There is just something about sipping a fizzy, refreshing mocktail out of a beautiful, watercolored glass that just makes me feel like I have my life together! Whether you choose to fill up your prettiest glass with water to hydrate, that emotional support Stanley with your favorite soda, or your beloved coffee mug with some caffeine, you are giving yourself a little treat and taking control of a subpar day!
My secret, in conjunction using the designated happy cup, is a mood-boosting weapon in the form of a little drink! I have a special concoction that I call my Happy Juice, that helps to improve mood, increase energy, and works to help you feel your best! Here is the link to my Instagram highlights where you can learn a little more about this miracle drink!

5. Dressing for Joy 

A last, but certainly not least, tip is that a good outfit is KEY to having a fantastic day! I truly believe in and have talked about the power that a good outfit has on your mood / productivity / mentality  (check out the previous blog section on Dopamine colors & Coffee Chat)! This spring season is full of fun color blocking, prints & patterns, and ALL THE HAPPY COLORS! By maximizing these dopamine-inducing fashion trends, you can transform your mood by dressing to put your best self forward! It is so easy to throw on a spring or summery colored maxi dress, some hoops, and your favorite sandal and you are ready to conquer anything that your day may have in store for you! 
I truly hope that you try out these tips & tricks and find that they spark a little bit of happiness in a day that isn't quite going your way! I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for more to come! 
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