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Casa Cartel Influencer Trip

Casa Cartel Influencer Trip

Casa Cartel Influencer Trip


It’s been two weeks since we got back from our Casa Cartel trip and I think I’m still running on the endorphin high I experienced in that short 48 hours! The house, the women, the vendors, and the clothes, all of it culminated into an experience I’ll never forget. 


In order to savor the trip, I wanted to write this blog post so it can live here on our website forever. Plus, I want to take all our followers along so they too can experience how incredible this trip was for us! 



I think it’s only appropriate to talk about the house first, don’t you think? I mean, it’s colorful and playful style with authentic Mexican touches, brings out the history in the home that was built in the 70s. The home is over 6,000 sq. ft and each room is uniquely designed with Aztec and Mayan influenced furnishings. The greatest feature of the home is the hand painted mural in the living room which opens up to the library and the courtyard. 

House: @casacartel

 Upon arrival, the bloggers were greeted with an incredible balloon arch display created by Revelry Goods. It was definitely a Instagram worthy backdrop for pics and a fun spot for us to greet them! Some of the girls we have known for years and others have been instagram friends of ours for as long as we can remember, so getting to meet everyone in person was so much fun! 

Balloons: @revelygoods 



Elly Brown @uptownwithellybrown

Steph Willis @msstephwillis

Magen Reaves @magenreaves

Mackenzie Bay @_mackenziebay_

Lindsey Jones @lindseykjones

Lynsey Hedrick @lynseyhedrick 

Kylee Angel @whinetowine

Loren Hamilton @wearandwhen


Our friend, Rachel Johnson from Two Be Wed coordinated it all and her goal was for it to be a warm and welcoming experience for the girls to get the trip started! She did an incredible job! 

Event coordinator: Rachel Johnson with Two Be Wed

 @twobewed  @rachelsloadjohnson 

To kick off the night, Champagne Supply was serving cold Champagne for us. It was much needed because it was August in Texas. Which means, it was HOT! Our friend Steph is from Indiana and it was her first trip to Texas and let’s just say the temps welcomed her quite nicely! ha! *Praying she comes back! 

Champagne cart: @champagnesupplyco

@whinetowine, @wearandwhenblog, @lynseyhedrick@magenreaves, @lindseykjones, & @_mackenziebay_


We took the girls into their rooms where we had giant balloons waiting on them with baskets full of goodies! They were stuffed with all the necessities from back up phone charges to the newest arrivals from Ruthie Grace! 


Let’s just say the clothes didn’t last long in their baskets before the first photoshoot of the trip began!



The next day kicked off with a healthy breakfast from Raw Creations! The girls had so many juices to chose from and let’s be honest, Raw is the cream of the crop in the juicing world. 

Juices: Raw Creations @rawcreationsjuice


The morning was super laid back so the girls could do their try on sessions in the morning. We had a cute little station set up so they could style their outfits with belts, shoes, jewelry and hats! You can watch all their try-on sessions by clicking here. 


Next up, our trip to The Austin Winery! Austin Detours picked us up in the van, which was SUPER nice and clean, to shuttle us over to the winery. We loved that we didn’t all have to drive ourselves, but got to be together in one van! And plus, with wine on the horizon, we wanted to be extra safe! :)

Transportation: Austin Detours @austindetours

  @_mackenziebay_@lindseykjones@lynseyhedrick, @uptownwithellybrown, @msstephwillis@whinetowine, @magenreaves, & @wearandwhenblog

The Austin Winery is definitely a place you need to visit when you come to Austin! Not only is the wine incredible, the owner Ross was so fun to meet. He is highly talented at perfecting his craft and you can tell he truly has a passion for his business. We were able to punch the wine in the big holding tanks to help release the juices and begin fermentation. The atmosphere in the winery is one that you have to experience. That tables had charcuterie boards out and we all sat around as we got to taste all the different wines they have to offer. Our favorites included: Violet Crown & Friends with Benefits! 

Winery: The Austin Winery @theaustinwinery 




@lynseyhedrick & @lindseykjones



@_mackenziebay_,  @wearandwhenblog, @lynseyhedrick, @magenreaves, @lindseykjones, @whinetowine, @msstephwillis,  &  @uptownwithellybrown

 @wearandwhenblog, @uptownwithellybrown, @whinetowine, @msstephwillis, @lindseykjones, @lynseyhedrick, @magenreaves, @_mackenziebay_

After our trip to the winery, we headed back to prep for our Buddy Love Photoshoot. Ruthie Grace just launched their entire Buddy Love Fall Collection and the pieces are to die for. Literally. Cool Fact: Buddy Love designs their own prints. They are truly unique and solely available to their brand. You won’t be able to find them anywhere else. The pieces are unique and make a statement! 

Collaboration: Buddy Love @shopbuddylove 

@buddylovesrachel @buddyloveskatie

Shop all these looks below on our site! 



@uptownwithellybrown@lynseyhedrick, @magenreaves, @_mackenziebay_, @linseykjones, @msstephwillis, @whinetowine, & @wearandwhenblog

@_mackenziebay_@linseykjones, & @wearandwhenblog

@lynseyhedrick, @msstephwillis@_mackenziebay_, &   @whinetowine

@whinetowine & @wearandwhenblog



@msstephwillis & @whinetowine 








Following our photoshoot, Buddy Love was so gracious to host a dinner for us at the house! I can’t lie. This might have been my favorite part of the whole trip! Rachel Johnson was the coordinator for the event and she didn’t leave any details out. From the table top settings, to the floral, to the food, it was impeccable! I will never forget how delicious the Poplano peppers with brisket tasted! SO. GOOD! 

Hosts:  @shopbuddylove & @shopruthiegrace

Planner:   @twobewed  @rachelsloadjohnson 

Catering: @laperaaustin

Floral: @poseyfloral 

Tabletop: @ybphouston

Stationary & calligraphy: @memorylanepaperie

Photography: @streamlineretail



Overall, this was an experience of  lifetime and one we will never forget! It’s safe to say, you can expect another one in the Spring!  


Thank you so much to all of our customers! Without you, this wouldn't have been possible! Most days I have to pinch myself that this is my job! 




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