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The Big Announcement


Welcome to a new year, boo thang. This is going to be a BIG ONE! And let me tell you, I’m floating on Cloud 9 because you have chosen to be here with me. 


If you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance you just saw our video about closing our storefront. Am I right? Well, hopefully by watching the video, you know that we aren’t “closing” anything but just shifting things around to make us a better version of what we already are! 


I played around with the idea for months and I really had no idea what to do but the answer came from the facts and the numbers. It was in the analytics and I felt like it was the Lord telling me what to do, like “here’s what you do!” Even at that point it was a hard decision but I am confident I made the right one. 


So, let’s lay out the facts and let me tell you about all the exciting things coming to Ruthie Grace in 2019! I’m telling you, this will be the BEST Ruthie Grace! I am excited to focus on evolving my business and taking care of our online presence in order to accommodate the amazing growth we experienced in 2018. And then, I get to prep for our NEW & IMPROVED brick and mortar location launching late 2019!! Yep, you read that right! I’ve kept a little secret from you all—- we are moving our storefront location to a new place and TRUST me on this one, it’s going to be INCREDIBLE! Here’s what I can tell you about the location…in Montgomery and they haven’t even broke ground yet! If you want to see a little of my inspiration for the design and style, click HERE to see my pinterest board. 


Here’s what happens next: 



  • Staring on January 14th, our entire store front will be 30% off! We have tons of new arrivals still in stock and you can snag them for a great price! (this applies to merchandise on the floor only. Not valid on online merchandise)
  • Our LAST day to be open for regular store hours is January 19th! 
  • January 26th- get prepped and READY for our WINTER WAREHOUSE SALE! Here’s a HINT: we are going to pre-sale tickets to the warehouse sale! It’s going to be “stuff the bag” style so keep an eye on our social media for all the details as it gets closer!
  • Starting Feb 2nd, our storefront location will be OPEN the FIRST Saturday of every month from 10a-2p for an outlet-style shopping experience. The store will be stocked with clearance merchandise and you can request to try on online styles! 
  • Every Saturday, our warehouse will be open from 10-2 for online PICK UP only! Details for pick-ups will be added soon. 


With all these changes come some new and exciting features that will be added to the website on January 31st as well! Stay tuned for a new look, new styles, plus added features like After Pay, Warehouse Pick-up options, Product reviews and more….. 



Friends, I have to tell you! None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for your continued support of RG. I know you hear that from business owners often, but honestly, if I could jump through the screen and hug you, I would! I’m just so honored that you chose to shop with me and continue to come back and shop again! 


So, here’s a virtual toast as we raise our glasses to 2019! May it be a year of growth and change but also a year of blessings for you! 

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